Fruit Ninja Kinect Review: Fruit Punch, Chop & High Kick []

Dealspwn: "Fruit Ninja Kinect is probably the most fun you can have with your shiny black sensor. In fact, it's probably the most fun you can have with your body. Riotous fun factor and outrageous addiction easily justify the price tag, making Halfbrick's latest port an essential purchase for Kinect owners."

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Bigpappy2706d ago

I am at 629 high score on arcade. I played this last night for 3 straight hours. What I find is that it does not feel repetative, because the fruits aren't released in the same order and you need toadjust your swing to different angles and speeds to be most effective. All of that while avoiding bombs and wathching for those banana power ups.

There are now well over 100,000 entries on the leader boards. Last time I checked I was in the low 6,000's. I feel proud of myself.

Blues Cowboy2706d ago

I'm stuck on 580 on arcade (nice one btw), but you're right, it isn't repetitive at all. If anything, keeping on playing for the perfect combination of bonus bananas is incredibly addictive!

Ayepecks2706d ago

I played the trial for the allotted amount, and I can easily see this becoming very, very addicting. I didn't buy it yet because I have The Gunstringer pre-ordered (and it comes free with that), but man am I anticipating it!

from the beach2706d ago

Kick - punch - it's all in the mind..