Borderlands 2 Features Larger Worlds, Loading Is Not Seamless

GB: "Borderlands 2 will feature larger worlds with increased draw distances, according to GearBox's Scott Kester. He also confirms that the game will not feature seamless (streaming) loading but will be load based."

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr32705d ago

One of the annoyances I had with Borderlands were the loading screens.

Tanir2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

One of the annoyances I had with Borderlands was the main enemies were Scags. I played 20 hours and still fault almost strictly scags, purple, green, red, dire (insert name) scags.

horrible menu's and boring story (barely any at all)

not even going to try the 2nd one, not sure wwhy everyone loved it so much

oh and the setting. I hated the setting, everywhere looked the same

rdgneoz32705d ago

You were stuck in the starting zone for 20 hours? Just cause you couldn't beat the beginning of the game and got raped by skags, doesn't mean it was a horrible game.

Tanir2705d ago

lmao rdgneoz

NO i wasnt stuck in the beginning of the game, yes there were some humans, human bosses but their were mostly skags, flying skags, and well um everyone knows the game is 60% skags, 10% other creatures and 30% human rejects.

even the damn tournament was skags!!!!. the driving sucked, I just didn't enjoy the game, thats all.

showtimefolks2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

any improvement they can make will improve the game. Just don't slow up the action one of the leaked videos from gamescom shows very slow gameplay and one thing i loved about borderlands was its fast paced action

from the list of improvements i think gearbox understands how big of an IP borderlands is and by the time borderlands 2 come out both xbox360 and ps3's install base will be from 65-70 million so you launch borderlands 2 in september-october 2012 with all these improvements and we can get a game that can sell between 8-10 million compare to 3-4 million borderlands did

its my most wanted game of 2012 and coming in close 2nd is the last guardian


the reason we loved it because it was something different a game with loot system that's done right. But i do agree with you that the game had major issues and you should read gameinformer issue gearbox have said they are working on fixing the game

the story will evolve like if you go to a mission and you fail the story will go on and than down the road that failure will come back to mess you up.

less loading times
NPC's that walk around do things talk to other NPC's
4 player co-op with less lag
more colored world and a bigger more diverse world
better vehicles controls
much much better missions less or fetch missions

a story which will be better than the 1st(if you played any dlc you know story got better in dlc so gearbox learned a lot)

so if they are only improving these things which they stated already that they are we will get a much much better sequel


gearbox only worked on DN for maybe 10months to just finish the game and get it our of the door and for all the bad its selling quite well(which is a joke in itself for such a bad game)

gearbox/2k own the DN IP and gearbox have said they will do proper DN games in future so let's hope for the best

Lazy_Sunday2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

They better not make the same mistake they made with Duke Nukem. I just can't believe the same people who brought me one of my favorite, most time consuming games also brought the worst video game known to man. Hopefully Gearbox is two different entities.

MaxOpower2705d ago

But Gearbox was more of a publisher/producer of Duke Nuke, and less of a developer.

Lazy_Sunday2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I hope to GOD that you're right.

I know it was initially made with 3D Realms and Triptych Games, then finished by Piranha games and overseen by Gearbox.

But Gearbox put their name on the box and took the damn bullet.

It may sound like an irrational fear, but after DNF, I have a legitimacy to it. Hopefully some gameplay footage will remedy this terrible fear, since I still can't wait for Borderlands 2, loading screens or not.

[email protected] comment down below. Man, people here need to learn damn sarcasm, it's like they're all flat, emotionless planks of wood.

MaxOpower2705d ago

Too bad, since I ONLY play games free form loading! Witch is too say, I don't play games at all.

T3MPL3TON 2705d ago

I'm not worried about loading so long as it's quick. Like other my fear is that they've slowed the game down too much.

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