Review: LA Noire with Rockstar Pass

TGR take a look at the FULL LA Noire experience, complete with DLC cases in place from the start. Does the DLC add to an already critically acclaimed title?

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BigDan802706d ago

Interesting idea, not seen a review of the whole lot before.

nikrel2706d ago

I'm going to pick up La Noire + all the DLC this week I think.

ginsunuva2706d ago

Don't get the DLC. They all suck.

Solidus187-SCMilk2706d ago

I like LA noir it was unique for me, I enjoyed it alot.

I still want to get it and play all of the DLC since I havent tried any of it yet.

Droid Control2706d ago

Rockstar Pass = 0/10

Why? Because it is contecnt cut for the retail disc.