Assassin's Creed Still on Target for the Japanese PS3 According to Famitsu

Famitsu's website has an update today on Assassin's creed and while the date for the 360 is set for the 29th of November, the PS3 version is mentioned as coming to the platform at a later date.

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ruibing4934d ago

I don't get why it would get delayed later when all thats different is the localization for Japan.

Danja4934d ago

probably M$ pulled a Toshiba on Ubi..for timed exclusivity in Japan....kinda dumb..but w/e..floats there boats it won't help that muchin increasing demand for the there machine

Vojkan4934d ago

You mean they are pulling "Ace combat","Trusty Bell","Katamari" ; kind of fake exclusive that are actually coming later on PS3? Ok

gamesR4fun4934d ago

Still makes sense for M$ to try and get a piece of the Japan market...

Darkiewonder4934d ago

They Famitsu, they only publish information from what they hear. or think is coming. [Similar to MH3 ;o]

THE_JUDGE4934d ago

and people who have the PS3 will wait to get it on the PS3 when it comes out.

jlytle12344934d ago

not everything is a payoff by microsoft. from what ive read sony japan wont release games with certain ratings and so it may have to be toned down or something of that nature. whereas microsoft doesnt have a rating policy. either way it doesnt can just import it for the ps3 if you want to play it that bad.