Top Ten Most Satisfying Platinum Trophies

Having seen a couple of weeks break from the regular Sunday Special feature here at Electronic Theatre, we thought we’d do things a little differently this week. Rather than showcasing ten titles selected by our team, we instead have turned Sony Computer Entertainment for this week’s feature article, presenting the top ten most satisfying Platinum Trophies to unlock on PlayStation 3.

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NewZealander2711d ago

my number one most satisfying trophy was modnation racers, damn that was time consuming!

blitz06232711d ago

How is Demon's Souls not on that list

malol2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

the only game i plated on my whole life was BFBC2
and that's only because they are easy to get loooooool XD

anyway i don't care that much about Trophies i just play a game and if i got a trophy that's nice

thugbob2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

How is Killzone 2 not on the list but Killzone 3 is?

KZ2 is hard to plat, but when you plat it is very satisfying. You feel as if you accomplished something most gamers couldn't accomplish.

I plated KZ3 with my eyes closed. That game was so easy to plat, for me anyways.

-Alpha2711d ago

Clearly the author did not get the Demon's Souls trophy and has not experienced the satisfaction

I have three platinums only:

Killzone 3
Uncharted 2
Bad Company 2

All very easy but BC2's Demolition trophy (20 demolition kills online) was the most frustrating and therefore most earned platinum I have

BiggCMan on here has the platinum for Demon's Souls. I am envious of him

adonis1832711d ago

1.RDR Best Platinum ever

egidem2711d ago

If someone has a platinum in Whipeout HD...........screw you!

WildArmed2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Hmm.. My persona picks would be:
Killzone 2
Demons Souls
Unreal Tournament 3 (Damn that game and it's Elite mode)
White Knight Chronicles (ok, maybe this isn't universal)
Bad Company 2 (I loved those demo kills trophy! some of them were really fun)
Red Dead Redemption (Sooo much variety in that plat!)
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

..yeah, really can't recall too many atm.

edit: I totally forgot Burnout Paradise ... ok mabye the plat wasn't too satisfying, but the game was amazing!

Commander_TK2711d ago

How some of u got 20 demolition kills in BC2 is beyond me

malol2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

lol easy

you see i hate snipers that camp in a freakin building so
i use tanks and C4 to bring the whole thing down on his head
sometimes i rig the building with c4 before i arm the M-com

XD thats how

Why o why2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

wipeout and any yakuza

LegendarySins2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

GT5 and Wipeout HD as well, both way harder than some on the list

Edit: these are the only 2 platinums I have but I have maxed loads of games on the 360 CODs etc, but these 2 platinums where definitely 2 of the most satisfying achievements this generation - along with cod4 mile high achievement.

trenso12711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

wow kz2 didnt make the list but kz3 did?! kz3 was so easy i did it 8 days compared to kz2 which i didnt get till after black ops come out!. and i got it day one and infamous 2? i dont think it should be on the list either that was also easy did it in 3 days.

BigBacon872711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Batman: Arkham Asylum belongs up there too.

rjdofu2711d ago

Most of fighting games are hard too plat, as they require more skill that just grinding. Also, NGS2, Demon Soul, and the freakig Wipeout HD.

jessupj2711d ago

I have all those plats bar ME2 because it doesn't work in my PS3. RDR and Dead Space 2 are the only ones deserving to be on that list.

Demon's Souls should be there (I have all 3 DS platinums from the 3 different regions)

KZ2 should be there (getting in the top 1 percent at the end of the week is no easy feat.

Wipeout HD - I need not explain

GT5 - Right up there with Wipeout in turns of difficulty

Vanquish, Dead Nation, Yakuza 3, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - All desrerve to be on the list.

I don't think the arthor knows what he's talking about.

execution172711d ago

getting that Gold Standard trophy for GT5 >.> I don't think I'll ever plat GT5 because of it, only plats I have are BFBC2, Fallout 3, Infamous, and White Knight Chronicles.

mastiffchild2711d ago

Well: Demon's Souls, Warhawk, KZ2, UT3 would all be more demanding and, hence, more satisfying to get, than anything on the list. Maybe they just meant the most satisfying THEY managed to get? Who knows ut there are harder platinums to get than those puppies.

hqgamez2711d ago

Demon's Souls-Pain
Vanquish- What a bitch
Socom Confrontation-Fuck it
Wipeout HD-How many times did you try? over 9000 TIME, WHAT 9000!! WTF!!!! BOOM!!!

I_find_it_funny2710d ago

NONE od platinums are satisfing for me I always feel like I should've spent that time doing something better

but recently I'm not into trophies anymore got to me it has no purpose at all I jsut play games, that's it

PickAShoe2710d ago

that game is hard as hell... im stuck on armor spider D:

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Istanbull2711d ago

Every platinum trophy is satisfying, I dont know how u can make a Top 10 list? The most satisfying should be difficult ones like Demon's Souls, WipEout HD, Disgaea 3 or SOCOM

geoholyhart2711d ago

Yea, I sgree. Most on his list are considered rather easy trophies and I didn't see any particular reason he thought they were more fun (trophy-wise) compared to other games.

Shikoro2711d ago

I got the WipEout HD platinum. If you don't believe me, here's my trophy list:


BinaryMind2711d ago

My most satisfying platinum trophy would be actually getting one :S

cochise3132711d ago

don't feel bad I got my first plat with the sly collection and this was just last week. I almost sh!t myself lol. that was satisfying.

hamburger1232711d ago

Try Assassins Creed 2 that one was super easy

Kurt Russell2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

I've only got one - Sonic Racing :D

Solid_Snake-2711d ago

the only good game on the PS3 didnt even have trophies...

BigBacon872711d ago

That and Mag we're my most time consuming(soon to be joined by Mortal Kombat) but I woulnd't place them at the top of my list just for that reason.

kparks2711d ago

How is fight night not on that list??? if u got the online world champion trophy then u are a true bad a$$

el_bandito2710d ago

I did manage to get some platinums. I admit it felt great when I got some from my shooters (KZ2, CoDWaW, Resistance 2 and Unreal Tournament 3) and from action games (Batman AA and GoW3).

I have given up on Wipeout,Mirror's Edge, certain SF and MK games among a few. I think I won't ever get them.

Philoctetes2710d ago

Terrible list. How do you include super-easy platinums like Uncharted 2 and Fallout 3 while leaving out Demon's Souls and Killzone 2?

Also, anybody who got platinum in Motorstorm: Pacific Rift will point out that that's a glaring omission too.

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Chaostar2711d ago

Burnout Paradise was one of my most satisfying Plats, not sure why, guess I just put a lot of quality time in with it. Also inFamous, finding those last few blast shards and hearing that platinum ping was pure satisfying victory!

Cablephish2711d ago

They should make the platinum ping different from all the other trophy pings.

BeOneWithTheGun2711d ago

It should be similar to Big Ben. A whole series of chimes and bells followed by a big BONG.

Cablephish2711d ago


lol, hell yeah.

Acezakj2711d ago

They should play the soundtrack from Inception it'll scare the crap out of people. Ahaha.

-Alpha2711d ago

Burnout's Platinum is ruined by the stupid "Take a takedown picture with your USB camera" trophy. I wanted BP's plat sooo bad

Barry321712711d ago

FWIW, I went to GS, bought a $2 PS2 eye camera (this was before I picked up Move), and got that done.

P_Bomb2711d ago

I take it you never got the Move? Same camera.

Nitrowolf22711d ago

took my nearly a year I think before i got that final trophy

Pillage052710d ago

I just got it when the move came out. I also had to beg people online to do the challenge to meet at the lucky with a group finally.

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Redempteur2710d ago

i feel satisfaction when i platinium a game.

That's all .

Miiikeyyy2711d ago

I'd say Uncharted 2 (crushing difficulty was a bastard!) Infamous (finding the blast shards) and Batman Arkham Asylum for the damn challanges (They became pretty easy once I sorted my combo's out)

King_many_layers2710d ago

You should go give Uncharted DF a ty if you thought AT was difficult.

They seriously lowered the difficulty with less enemy flanking.

Hellsvacancy2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Itll hav to be Demon's Souls for me, far more satisfyin than me Red Dead Platinum, Dead Space 2 looked rather hard to Platinum, i didnt like the game as much as i did the first, wasnt intendin on spendin ANY-more time playin it, kudos if YOU did it though

smt302711d ago

Demon's Souls platinum is pretty easy. I think the games hardness is vastly overrated, because you die often doesn't mean its a hard game - just "don't make the same mistake again!".

geoholyhart2711d ago

Yea, I agree Demon's Souls, imo was pretty easy! Solo'ing monster hunter is by far harder. Most retro games are harder. It was a fun platinum to earn though, but certainly not hard lol.

clarkdef2711d ago

The game was not that hard yes. But you can't say the same about the plat. The rare stones are well.. rare.

aprone2710d ago

I am currently working on the Demon's Souls plat. The game is difficult, but, as you said, it's a trial and error difficulty. I am enjoying the game and kicking myself for not picking it up earlier. I'm not quite done with my first play-through, but I hear that it takes about three or so play-through's to get the plat, is that correct?

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-Alpha2711d ago

Show off! I am so jealous.

Pillage052710d ago

Took me 8 straight hours of grinding to get the pure bladestone. As well as I didn't get a pure darkmoonstone to drop for like 8 playthroughs. Although I noticed as soon as I leveled my luck to like 15 it drops about once per playthrough now lol.

OtherWhiteMeat2711d ago

Why isn't Demon's Souls on there ? It took me over a hundred hours receive the platinum trophy and I loved every minute of it.

Kee2711d ago

I would have to agree. Took me even longer and I was so happy to finally get it.

hqgamez2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

getting plat on demon's souls was like you trying to take a shit that didn't want to come out and after times of pushing and forcing, it finally comes out leaving you with a great sensation.

Yes I know, I'm one strange gamer.

frjoethesecond2711d ago

Thats a great way of putting it.

Rynx2711d ago

But what if you only manage to sh*t out a "pebble" or when you KNOW there's still more sh*t inside? lol

Anderson82711d ago

i'm still one trophy away from that plat... fucking chunk of bladestone!!!!!

OtherWhiteMeat2711d ago

I feel your pain.......I can't remember how long it took me to get all the chunks of bladestone.I know it was probably over ten hours.Good luck

xabmol2711d ago

I finally got that damn PBS the other day. Call me crasy, but I think the trick is to kill that red skelly in Offline mode.

I got PBWT and ran back from the old hero's archstone killed the reaper with some arrows and firestormed that skelly. PBS first try.

May have just been luck, but damn, I have farmed that fucker for hours before trying it offline.