Dark Souls Preview | Dealspwn

Dealspwn sat down with From Software to play their upcoming medieval dungeon grinder, Dark Souls

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bloodybutcher2708d ago

hmm,i was planning on getting bf3 this autumn(limited budget) but i am starting to lean towards this game^^i loved demon´s souls,put maaaany hours into dark souls seems like a good choice!and t is apparently harder^^

BiggCMan2708d ago

Battlefield 3 is gonna have to wait for me as well. I have the platinum in Demon's Souls, but this...

"That's right; Dark Souls is the sort of game that includes randomized insta-death treasure chests, identical to their innocuous wooden counterparts."

...will creep the shit out of me!! This game will be fantastic.

bloodybutcher2707d ago

yhhh,i will not have plat in ds,can´t be bothered farming all stones:P

Kee2707d ago

I can already see this being my game of the year... It'll be close between this, skyrim and uncharted 3.