Konami To Issue PES2008 PS3 Patch by 11/19

Konami have confirmed that they are working on a patch to resolve the online lag issues that users are experiencing with PES2008 and expect to make it available to the public by the 19th November.

In an interview with, a Konami spokesperson confirmed:

"We hope to have the patch released within two weeks at the latest, and have set a deadline of Monday 19th November to get this to the public, as we are aware there are a lot of gamers out there that are avoiding a massive part of the game because of the online issues."

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vaan4925d ago

They suck balls too. They need that sorting out, because seeing the replay is half the fun. It drops to about 12fps sometimes.

ruibing4925d ago

They should fix this problem as soon as possible and publicize it as I believe it is preventing a lot of fans from wanting to purchase the game for their system.

gtgcoolkid4925d ago

As soon as they fix it I will get it. I am not gonna get FIFA since I have always played PES but all of this still pissed me off.

tmug4925d ago

Do yourself a favour ppl and get fifa (atleast on ps3). You'll be a lot happier. I was a PES-man myself until I played the 2008 version. I felt cheated out of my money. Fifa is the way to go this year. 5 on 5 online action, stellar licence, more realistic gameplay, next gen graphics, tons of modes, the works. Just bought COD4 but haven't almost touched it at all, Fifa online is too addicting :-)

vaan4925d ago

Dude, I played the PES demo from my UK account. And yes, the slowdown is horrible at times, and I know the full version online stinks, but it still plays amazingly. I'm adddicted to this poxy bug ridden demo. PES08 is just so much fun. I'm just sad they blew it and released it all buggy.
As for FIFA, Fifa has ZERO slowdown, really nice GFX, but it's boring as f()Ck. It's just plain sh1t. Player AI is crap, and it just does not feel fluid. The crazy Gears type camera is cool, but it does not save the boring game play.

PopEmUp4925d ago

Fifa still suck I mean the gameplay man it nothing like PES

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