WMS: PS3 Shortfall 'Not a Big Deal' in Long Run

Michael Pachter: "The people who were going to buy PS3 and Wii will buy them both still, albeit in a different order. Few people were going to buy Xbox 360 and PS3 both (too expensive and too similar), so there may be a small number of people (200,000?) who buy a 360 instead of a PS3. That number represents lost sales forever. The balance will be ultimately captured by Sony, and the launch delay will be a rounding error in the long run."

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EasilyTheBest5865d ago

Bullshxt Bullshxt. So it aint to bad missing xmas 2006 when it suppose to av come out march 2006.. Yeah right....
Just real stupid!!!

Ravenator5295865d ago

All he is saying is that the PS3 isn't "doomed" for extinction. He never said that the PS3 will kill the 360 and Wii.

He did acknowledge that the customer base for the other consoles may/will grow due to the delays and short shipments.

The only comment I have is that it "may be bigger than many analysts believe". 5 million 360 units have sold in the last year. We are heading into a holiday season in which the PS3 will be in very short supply and who knows what is going on with the Wii. This is going to be a huge marker for the 360. The race will be much tighter this time around!

Believe that!

Anerythristic265865d ago

This guy essentially said XBox will gain 200,000 customers from this PS3 shortage. As a parent of an older child this is how it would go down for me.

If I couldn't get the PS3 at the end of Nov. or early Dec. I would pull my phone out of my jacket call my son and say " listen the PS3 is sold out ( or they can't fill the pre order ) I know you asked for it and I don't want to dissapoint you , do you wanna try a 360 or Wii or do you wanna wait?" Multiply that real world conversation by tens of millions and then tell me how much businees Sony is going to lose.
Also what about the parents that get frustrated and will just throw a 360 under the tree with a they get what I can afford or find attitude.