Burnout Crash! New official Gameplay Video

EA and Criterion Games released a brand new Gameplay Video of Burnout Crash! that coming this Month.

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Sneak-Out2706d ago

looks funny, but i would like to see this game on PS VITA or PSP

JakemanPS319942706d ago

yah i wouldnt be surprised to see this on vita next year as a launch title.
looks cool, i didnt know it was made by criterion... thought it was some small ea studio. well hope its good

Sneak-Out2706d ago

this game is in development by a small team on criterion games, i heard they work since 1 year on that ...another big project is also in the works at criterion games, but currently unknown what they is

JakemanPS319942706d ago

i would bet money that its some other burnout game.

SephirothX212706d ago

Criterion are very talented evelopers. Look at the critically impressive reception Burnout Paradise and NFS Shift got. I'm sure whatever it is they're making won't disappoint.

lelo2play2706d ago

Looks fun to play for the first 5 minutes... after that, meh!

Crazyglues2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

OMG!! I agree with you, I saw that picture and thought we were getting a real burnout game.. false advertising... LOL

This looks like an iPhone Game, and not a good one.. LAME..

I want the burnout from the old days back on Xbox that were awesome, the open world is cool but that old school one where you took down CPU drivers while going crazy fast was some awesome fun...

Man I use to love that game - BURNOUT REVENGE - -so much fun

I miss that game.. EA/Criterion bring that back.. PLEASE!!!


Reefskye2706d ago

Indeed paradise ruined burnout series for me.

Sub4Dis2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

seems like it would be a good iphone/android game. not sure why you noobs are hating on it. just looks like a fun little game to play while you're sitting on the toilet. certainly looks to be about a million times more fun than angry birds.

Crazyglues2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

@ Sub4Dis

Not really hating on it, maybe it comes off like that but I just wish they would have instead made a burnout like the old one that I posted in the video instead of working on this...

I would love a new burnout that was more like burnout revenge but with new graphics and physics it would have been nice to have something like that coming out, instead of a little iPhone game / PSN download or whatever this is..


ape0072706d ago

OMG, burnout REVENGE WAS AMAZING, road rage with explosions ftw

burnout 3 was absolute GOLD

and burnout 2 was the SH!T

i liked paradise but it's not as amazing as the games before

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warrior99882706d ago

WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU BURNOUT YOU .. used to be awesome

madpuppy2706d ago

I miss those heady days of Burnout 3 Takedown. why don't the ne'erdowells at Criterion release that as a downloadable game on PSN?

Crazyglues2706d ago

Oh yeah that would have been awesome if they released Burnout 3 Takedown as a Downloadable Game on PSN, but with trophies and some slight improvements like better graphics more cars... wow that would have been cool.

They could have called it Burnout-3-Takedown/Revised or just use Burnout Revenge

Why didn't they do that instead of this, Oh man I would have downloaded that in a heartbeat..


madpuppy2706d ago

I wasn't partial to Burnout revenge, But, everybody has their own preference concerning Burnout. A lot of people consider Burnout 2 the best burnout. others, like myself prefer Burnout 3.

just for the record, I did not hit disagree on you.

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