Mass Effect 3 Information Blowout from GamesCom

GB : We have a lot of Mass Effect 3 details for you from GamesCom.

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extermin8or2705d ago

LOL legion wont be returning in mine :( he died during the suicide mission :/

extermin8or2705d ago

I might replay it and try to keep him alive lol him and mordin solus as I noticed him in the E3 demo and he also died in my game :p preferably they'd all live but who knows :/

hqgamez2705d ago

If they kill Miranda or she goes against you, I'll die yo.

I don't know what they mean with
"Miranda will be back and has unfinished business with Shepard" but I romanced her. If Cerberus kills her in the game or she turns or anything, I'm gonna die man! I GONNA DIE!

potedude2705d ago

Miranda hated me, wouldn't talk to me cos I hooked up with Jack.

Made me lol...

FlashBack2705d ago

ME too, but I don't want to change choices, I want to live with the consequences, if I ever replay it, it will be the full trilogy.

Charmers2705d ago

Joker EDI romance is being “looked at”.

There are not enough face palm pictures on the internet to illustrate how absolutely moronic that is. I appreciate Bioware "listens" to the fans but come on here that is a bit much.

MariaHelFutura2705d ago

I think your underestimating how many people "make love" w/ the aid of a computer.


WhiteLightning2705d ago

Damn I was really looking for

"Cool Down weapons from first ME will be available"

With a game being about choices, why don't we have the choice at what weapon type to use.

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The story is too old to be commented.