Playstation Vita: Launch Title Lineup with Videos

WVG writes: The new Playstation portable device dubbed the “Playstation Vita” looks to expand the portable market where the PSP failed. Since the beginning of time Nintendo has had a strong stranglehold on the portable gaming market leaving all competitors in their digital dust.

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Misterhbk2706d ago

Uncharted, Ruin, and Modnation are all must buys for me! Can't wait!

jdfoster2705d ago

Don't forget this too! Hail Frobisher! haha Frobisher says... Buy a psv!

superadvanced2705d ago

frobisher says look fucktarded like wario ware or some shit. pisses me off. disagree all you want.

ThanatosDMC2705d ago

I'm most interested in Ruin. I hope it's good as torchlight plus co-op multiplayer.

badz1492705d ago

is the definition of KILLING!

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

The next generation of portable gaming is saved!

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guitar_nerd_232706d ago

Thats all launch day? Thats insane I'm not going to be able to afford all the ones I want.

Talk about spoiled for choice!

Wipeout is deffo my first port of call.

NBT912705d ago

That is indeed a crazy lineup.
Good to see though.

piroh2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Uncharted, Little deviants and then Hot shot golf, Smart as for me

FlareDReborn2705d ago

I will buy a vita! UC, AC cant wait!

JBSleek2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Can I get a price drop now??

I refuse to pay double the amount for this machine when the 3DS is literally half the price... Come on Sony.

Ace_Pheonix2705d ago

Then buy a 3DS. You'll likely be sadly let down and eventually willing to pay twice as much for 3 times the machine in the end anyways, but if price is such an issue for you buy the cheap lame one. $250 was a shocking price tag for me, I thought it would be at least $300.

Pixel_Enemy2705d ago

Yeah the PS Vita will be totally worth the $250 and anyone who want's to complain about that has absolutely no idea what they are talking about. This thing will be a MONSTER of a device and even smart phones cost more than that.

NukaCola2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Well the 3DS is half the machine, so what do you expect there bud? The only thing the 3DS does that the Vita doesn't is hurt your eyes from it's horrible 3D effect. Other than that, the Vita trumps both Xbox Live and PSN with it's outstanding interface, and quite frankly this little monster is the most impressive system I have ever seen. For a portable it surpasses the graphics, the games trump console titles, the whole user interface as I said before, trumps every phone and console set up. It's party system blows Live out of the water, the ingame chatting, the emailing levels you can jump into, the social networking aspect of NEAR and even the awesome implementation of Skype just crushed everything else. I am more shock that this beast isn't like $500, because it does everything every piece of media does. You should open your eyes, or are they squinted from reticle damage do to the 3DS's awesome 3D submarine game you got at launch?

JBSleek2705d ago

Did you just compare an Operating System to an Online service? The interface has nothing to do with Live or PSN which will be on the Vita so what is your point?

Graphics beat consoles?? Kinda laughed there.

It's party system trumps Lives?? Evidence please.. wait your basing all of your knowledge off screen-shots okay.

Why are you defending and/or emotional attached to a system that hasn't even come out. All I was asking for was a reasonable price drop. You started spitting out irrelevant things that had nothing to do with what I said.

Sony got you good huh??

NukaCola2705d ago

@JB Sleek

Wow U Mad Bro?

Look at the onliner user interface of the Vita...It's better looking than both the LIVE/NXE and how the PS3/PSN is set up. It's just that good.

Never said graphics beat consoles, obviously it doesbn't run 1080p games. The quality of the titles surpass many console titles.

You are a shining example of a person who doesnt understand the context of someones words and just picks out stuff and attacks it.

forevercloud30002705d ago


Um, the system is worth every penny. 250 is very cheap as far as new age tech goes. Iphones and Ipads cost upward 500. The Vita will do many of those things and as well as proper portable gaming. 3DS was ripping ppl off at 250 seeing as once again their tech is pretty old. Also you must think of the game selection. 3DS is seen as pretty lacking right now, while the Vita can't seem to get enough praise for it's lineup. The Vita launch games are looking great and far superior to anything that will be available on 3DS in the time it takes the Vita to come out,fact.

JBSleek2705d ago

Um I'm not american so I don't have the same worthless american dollar as you do so to me the Vita is $400....

BitbyDeath2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I'd also like to get a Lamborgini for the price of a Datsun but it's just not gonna happen.

SamPao2705d ago

where are you from? even in my country I only have to pay 300

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