HD picture of Skype on PSVita

"I'm Portable!": Yesterday we posted two blurry pictures of Skype on Vita. Today I have one HD image, where you can clearly see how Skype looks on Vita.

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dark-hollow2711d ago

I love the design of the vita os and apps.

It gives me high hopes for the xmb in the ps4.

CynicalVision2711d ago

Don't forget that the Vita OS is designed this way because it's a touch screen device. The PS4 OS will probably look much different.

jon12342711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

gawddd.. i hate that jermainHarman guy,....

NBT912711d ago

I thought MicroSoft bought Skype?

jon12342711d ago

they promised to allow skype to be on all devices


Yeah but why would they keep Skype just for them when the can make money from other companies.

TheEatingVodka2711d ago

That's stupid man.. It's like you ask why Office is available for Mac too.. One reason - money.

NBT912711d ago

I was not questioning it, I want it to be on the Vita since I am getting one.
I just thought that maybe Sony already had the licensing for it before MS bought them out? And then I thought well then surely MS would have to re issue that...

Ah well, its all good. More stuff Vita ends up being able to do, the better as far as I am concerned =D

DJMarty2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

@NBT91 - The Sony/Skype deal was probably signed along time ago, thats why M$ can't change it.

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