THQ Confirms Goldberg Won't Be In WWE '12

When THQ announced that WWE '12 would have a mystery superstar, one of the names rumored to feature in the game was Goldberg. Goldberg has tweeted some derogatory comments towards the WWE which should suggest otherwise.

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rattlesnake252708d ago

why would he be in the game....he hadnt wrestled with wwe in yrs. he probably one of the biggest a**holes in wrestling. he doesn't deserve to be in the game

TurismoGTR2707d ago

he hasn't been wrestling since Wrestlemania XX.. 2004.

MrBeatdown2707d ago

I would have liked to see him. He was fun to play as in HCTP.

Relientk772707d ago

I never really cared for Goldberg. I hope this game is good so I can buy a new WWE game because I havn't bought one in like 5 years

user8586212707d ago

is he part of WWE legends? nope so what was the point of this article? whats next sting and brock lesnar are not in the game? *facepalm*

Etseix2707d ago

thats why Here comes the pain is my best wwe game .

MrBeatdown2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

Goldberg's profile:

WWE Legends? No. Alumni? Yes.

Hell, Hogan was in WWE Allstars while under contract to TNA. Goldberg in a WWE game isn't as far out as you think. Alumni and the hall of fame are likely the first places they'd look for legends to include.

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The story is too old to be commented.