LTD worldwide sales for Wii, DS, software

Nintendo has revealed life-to-date hardware sales for the Wii and DS as well as numerous sales figures for games.

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Skateboard2668d ago


Dam homie, good job Nintendo.

jacksonmichael2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

I'm always surprised by how little Twilight Princess sold... Not that it was a failure or anything... I guess, I'm only looking at sales data for one system, though.

kramun2668d ago

It sold nearly 6 million copies, how is that little?

mike1up2668d ago


Casual gaming kicked Hardcore gaming's ass! Not that im proud of that or anything.

AWBrawler2667d ago

I bet nobody saw this coming with the wii, since the Gamecube struggled to get 22 million. I knew Wii would spark a revolution, but I didn't expect these numbers.