Steam User Accuses Valve of Breaking an EU Consumer Law

Gaming Irresponsibly reports on a european Steam user who is accusing the gaming giant of legal wrong-doing.

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Kran2709d ago

Honestly though.... this happens everywhere.

Seriously. PS Vita, console games (UK pays £5 more than US), the 3DS at first. In fact, almost everything.

gamingdroid2709d ago

Pricing is regional, and there are different taxes in different countries in the EU so I'm not entirely sure how this would even work.

RedDragan2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

Hi guys, his inclusion of US prices is a non-argument as American pricing is not in the jurisdiction of EU law, the only place where has a case is that Steam prevent people from European Mainland from buying games off Steam UK, that is against the law.

It is legally prohibited that a retailer or supplier can prevent any EU citizen from accessing and buying from an EU store, be it online or brick and motar.

He needs to forget about the US dollar pricing, nothing can be done about that. He needs to concentrate on the fact that Valve will not let EU citizens access sites intended by them for people in other regions of the EU which is against the law.

While Valve is allowed to charge more or less on the UK Steam platform than on the EU Steam platform, it cannot stop people from the UK buying from the EU Steam if it is cheaper and vice versa.

gamingdroid2709d ago

You bring up a valid point, but is the laws of EU the same for all countries? Meaning, let say for the sake of it a game is illegal in one country, but not in another.

Is it then legal for the person residing in the country barred from the game to buy it? ... and would it be legal for Valve to sell it in such a manner when they have a presence in that country?

RedDragan2708d ago

Good question, for that I do not have the answer I am afraid to say. I know games have been banned in some EU nations but not others so it would be really difficult for those bans to be enforced.

In short, no idea sorry. :(

narked2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

also, ps3 in us $250, while in eu it's Eur250. those are the official prices. In malta it sells for 350euro :/

-edit and we're in the EU

hiredhelp2709d ago

Yeh true. Its like on consoles with content they charge same price as the US dollor to the pound.

Pikajew2709d ago

Person hears a guy is suing MS, so they try to sue Valve

NuclearDuke2709d ago

Will you sue Sony, Microsoft and Blizzard also? :)
- Please do it properly if you even consider this.

Alos882709d ago

I'm from the UK, I'm used to paying too much for my products.

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