Deus Ex: Human Revolution Shows Final Fantasy XXVII?

It seems that the people of Detroit in Deus Ex: Human Revolution loves Final Fantasy as a poster of Final Fantasy XXVII can be found in the game.

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jbl3162707d ago

Final Fantasy 27? I'm sure that will be out before Final Fantasy vs XIII lol. Just joking...

BakedGoods2707d ago

Deus Ex is full of references.

That's what makes DX:HR so great, it's developed for gamers by gamers.

Son_Lee2707d ago

We can only hope Wada will be gone by then.

Capt-FuzzyPants2706d ago

There is a chance that he could be gone sooner if an "accident" were to happen. Just throwing out some ideas to get more quality games out of them.

user8586212707d ago

judging from the poster, square enix will be sticking with this anime/emo style for quite some time... *sigh*

BldyShdw2707d ago

Would you rather have lady body builders?

TacoTaru2707d ago

5 years ago I would have bet on a ffxxvii. After the past few games, however, I wouldn't think it's such a sure thing.

cooperdnizzle2707d ago

They don't love Final fantasy. Stupid, they are just doing in game advertisement being as it has the same publisher!! SE. Don't be a fool!!! Dumb article.

Swiggins2707d ago

Same publisher yes, but you don't throw in an Easter Egg like this unless you're a fan of the series. You're the fool bro.

cooperdnizzle2707d ago

Nope dude you are wrong, no matter what ya think ya know! This is called in game advertisement, and it would be cool if they gave credit to a game that wasn't under the same publisher! Then ya would know they truly like the game. But they were told by SE to do this I'm 100% sure! Fool.

Swiggins2707d ago

How can you advertise the 27th entry in a series if you're only up to the 14th?

This is Not an ad, how could it be, the game doesn't even exist.

I doubt Square Enix walked up to the developers and said "You're going to advertise Final Fantasy 27!, Why? FUCK YOU THAT'S WHY?!"

Come on dude, just think.

cooperdnizzle2707d ago

Its still word of mouth dude!!! And yea no shit its not up to 27!! But it still puts the name of FF out there, which happens to be SE leading game series. And yea dude you have no clue how the gaming industry works because publishers are the gods. They say what and what not you can have in a game. I am pretty sure they told them to throw that in as in game advertisement. It happens all the time with publishers!

ArchangelMike2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Dude firstly if you look closely at the poster you'll see that it doesn't actually say 'Final Fantasy XXVII'. It's more like 'Final ... XXVII' because the words on the poster are obscured by the image.

My point is that it does not count as advertising if you cannot fully see what they're advertising. This is more fan service and advertising.

p.s. The devs would not be able to use images from other IP's in their games as they would get sued for infringment.

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