Gamescom: Ubisoft -- Best in Show?

Gamepro: I have to give credit where credit's due: my experience at Ubisoft's Gamescom booth was the best of all the publishers I visited. It was smooth, organized, flexible, friendly and helpful.

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ATi_Elite2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

I wonder did he have to be connected to the Internet the whole time he was in the Ubisoft booth?

(get disconnected from Internet and go blind)

FarCry 3 and Anno 2070 have my interest!

2641d ago
xAlmostPro2641d ago

Ubisoft also look promising for gamefest in the UK :)

lots of great games coming from them!

omi25p2641d ago

After the old footage i saw of I Am Alive id have love to have seen some new gameplay of it at gamescon. Still hopefully we see something this year.

Venox20082641d ago

rayman: origins is a Winner!