Guitar Hero III boosts US record sales

There are early indications that Guitar Hero III has had a significant impact on record sales for bands featured in the game.

The game, subtitled Legends of Rock, was released in the US at the end of October. It will launch in Europe on 23 November.

Hard rock label Roadrunner Records said that sales of DragonForce's album "Inhuman Rampage" increased 126% week-on-week in the wake of Guitar Hero III's release. DragonForce's song "Through the Fire and Flames" is featured as an unlockable bonus track in Guitar Hero III.

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freakyzeeky4963d ago

That song was hard to play! I'm a GH newbie, and my hand was aching long before the song was over... xD

ceedubya94963d ago

I'm relatively new myself, and when I first played that song, I was done for! Its gotten a bit better though after lots of practice.