PSA: Capcom wants to buy your Resident Evil stories at a fair price

"Capcom wants to tell the world how much of a scaredy-cat sap you are, but since it doesn't have cameras installed in your consoles (yet) it needs your help. To celebrate HD versions of RE 4 and Code Veronica X hitting Xbox Live and PSN in September, Capcom is making a video series of its fans' most memorable moments and wants your best freak outs, sob stories and nostalgia bombs to share with the world.", writes Joystiq.

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earbus2713d ago

Hey capcom stop making moto gp games give it back to THQ and you have a deal, wait its resident evil i recant my previous statement just stop making games period.

haymoza2713d ago

Where's Eric Cartman when you need brilliant Story/Movie ideas?

Bull5hifT2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I liked the ones Where ADAM SANDLER..........,,,,,,,,, great Movies .... But back in the day what freaked me out was the room with crows after leaving someone out side and a crow was around them then i went inside, and when i went back he was ripped to shreds, and those Effin Doggs that Break through the Windows and that other part with the Effin Nemisis chasing me and i run into a closet and i come out and hes still right there waiting to kill me and i go back in , and leave again and nobodys there like WTF

josephayal2713d ago

Take my money capcom! Re and ssf4 FTW!

ScubaSteve12713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Crapcom sorry my story is not for sale.

Jack_DangerousIy2712d ago

Ok. So imagine this... You're out and it's storming outside right?

So you look over and see a big manor and think "Let's go in there to find what we're looking for".

So you go in and *OW*!!! What was that? You just stubbed your toe on a bloody typewriter... "Who just leaves a bunch of typewriters laying around?" you think to yourself.

So you're walking around alone and, did I mention it's storming outside? Well it's storming outside. So you are going down this sort of corridor and to the right of you is a series of stained-glass windows... So you're walking along and then *CRASH* two freaking dogs come busting through the window!! You're thinking "Oh sh*t! Who forgot to feed the dogs?!"

So the main character then pulls out his pistol with only one clip of ammo on his/her persons. *YOU SHOOT* Crap! Too far to the left. *YOU SHOOT AGAIN* Too far to the right!
*BANG BANG* "What the f I can't shoot down?!!" Now your gun's empty and the dogs kill you....

All of a sudden you are back at the typewriter you stubbed your toe on.


What do you think Capcom? I call it 'Tenant Rude'.

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The story is too old to be commented.