Team Fortress 2's Deus Ex Pre-Order Items Might be the Best Yet

1UP: With Deus Ex: Human Revolution set to come out in a matter of days, Eidos Montreal has teamed up with Valve to bring us a number of Deus Ex-inspired items for Team Fortress 2.
These TF2 promotions go on from time to time to encourage people to pick up a game on Steam. It's happened with Mount & Blade With Fire & Sword (two hats), Rift (two weapons), Left 4 Dead 2 (a frying pan and hats), Monday Night Combat (a hat and outfit), Poker Night at the Inventory (some weapons and attire), Quake 4 (the original rocket launcher), Fallout: New Vegas (a Pip-Boy replica), and Brink (a mask). But this Deus Ex Manno-Technology bundle is probably the best yet; it includes eight items, half of which are brand new weapons.

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Pandamobile2713d ago

"For only $44.99, you can get 8 weapons and items for TF2! (also a Deus Ex 3 preorder)"

reynod2712d ago

Man TF2 is freaking Epic, possibly the most fun FPS game online.

I preordered dues ex few days back and received the TF2 items. I specially love the sunglasses on the heavy.

BakedGoods2713d ago

Valve has hit a gold mine with these TF2 items. Especially considering they have ingame improvements and aren't always just cosmetic (ala Live Avatar items, PSN Home).

I'm not a big TF2 guy, but if I were I'd be pre-ordering every damn game for these things.

Pandamobile2713d ago

They can be found normally in the game, but the pre-order just gives you the whole pack with no effort.

Then you've got some members of the TF2 community that will pre-order the game just to get the weapons, so that helps out Eidos lol

reynod2712d ago

Oh yea, a friend of mine received the new sniper gun as a drop.

The cool part is the new TF2 weapons are not overpowered at all. Valve has done a good job of keeping things balanced.

ChrisW2712d ago

I have about 20 TF2 hats because of such pre-order stuff. Does anyone want them? 'Cause I don't play TF2.

Ayepecks2712d ago

Seriously? Yeah, I want them (steam ID is Ayepecks). Love Team Fortress 2!

nickjkl2712d ago

to bad valve was lazy with this

cant see the heavy arm in first person

diamond back for spy just has him pull the gun back and reload off screen