The Resistance Evolution – Series Visual Comparison

Resistance is a PlayStation 3 exclusive first-person shooter series developed by Insomniac Games, featuring a global alien invasion set in an alternate history 1950′s. The first in the trilogy was Resistance: Fall of Man releasing as a PS3 launch title back in 2006. While the first game was hailed as a multiplayer achievement for consoles supporting up to 40 players online, the sequel Resistance 2 (2008) took the series to new heights, offering co-operative online and up to 60 player competitive matches.

To highlight the upcoming release of Insomniac Games latest entry to the series, Resistance 3, we’ve decided to highlight some of the upgrades and enhancements that have gone into the trilogy over the years. From the early E3 2005 Project I-8 tech demo to the latest Resistance 3 multiplayer gameplay beta footage, see how the game has progressed in the last five years.

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Jpinter3634d ago

Great to see how far Insomniac Games has come with the series. The tech demo with the Hedgehog mines and how the AI is responsive was mind blowing back in 2006. It's amazing to see how far technology in textures and modeling has come too.

gameguru3634d ago

Damn! That's one EPIC evolution, I mean things have improved a lot since the last resistance game

Madusha3634d ago

Played Resistance: Fall of Man a few days ago, after a few years. I was simply mind-blown at how much the series has improved, you don't realize the scale of the graphical and gameplay improvements until you take a walk down memory lane. Resistance 3 is just amazing.

beavis4play3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

yea - i still play FoM too.....just think it's a lot of fun.....#2 suffered from not having the weapon wheel.

really looking forward to #3!

3634d ago
Jeff2573634d ago

There is one problem with the comparison. The pics of Nathan Hale from one and two are beside a pic of Joseph Capelli. So that should have been labeled correctly. Also they mention it in the info before the comparisons and get it wrong there as well.

HeavenlySnipes3634d ago

Also the Grim picture (2nd picture) for R2 is from the R3 boat demo

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