Top Ten Most Badass Weapons in Gaming History - #9 The Blades of Chaos - God of War

Ripten counts down the top ten most devastating weapons in video game history. Slicing their way down the list, the Blades of Chaos rank in at #9.


#10) The Gravity Hammer - Halo 3

#9) The Blades of Chaos - God of War

#8) Cloud’s Sword - Final Fantasy VII

#7) The Farsight XR-20 - Perfect Dark

#6) The Railgun – Quake II

#5) The Chainsaw Bayonet - Gears of War

#4) The BFG 9000 - DOOM

#3) The Gravity Gun - Half-Life 2

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Skerj4927d ago

Yeah I'd have put those on the list, they epitomized the combat in God of War and it's Sequels/Prequels. Also aided in helping some shameless rip offs *ahem Ghost Rider, and Prince of Persia the Two Thrones ahem*. Give them some more utilitarian uses in GoW3 and we're good to go.

HeartlesskizZ4926d ago

Kratos is the ancient Solid Snake =) Can wait to see how GOW3 look like =)

Danja4926d ago

yup those def deserved to be on the list..I can't wait to play GOW3....shoot i just wanna see proof of it's existence

mesh14926d ago

GOW IS A hack slash not a serious game i didnt even know it exsuited as ima shooter/RPG fan waiting for mass effect and other incredible

hulk_bash19874926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )

And the award for the most fanboyish statement ive heard in a while goes 2.............MESH1. Congratz on being an ignorant prick, fyi the GOW franchise has a vey SERIOUS storyline, SERIOUSly fun gameplay elements, SERIOUS production values, and a SERIOUSly badass leading character, so i think it pretty much justifies itself as a serious game.

Rooftrellen4926d ago

Hmm...I think this is well deserved.

They might as well have started at #1, though, because as you go down the list, it can become more cluttered. This is a cool weapon, yeah, but it could have, possibly, missed the list. That gives it more suspense.

However, let's face it, there is no weapon in video games cooler than the X Buster (except maybe the Z Sabre, but its not nearly as many weapons in one). Anything else at the top would be terrible, but after #5, you just don't know what will or won't make it. The top ones are easy to see comming!

The Blades of Chaos could have been higher though, just because its so easy to recognize.

So far, its a good list, though. I look forward to the last 8.

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