IGN's Sam Bishop Reviews Twisted Metal 2: 6/10

Whereas games like Jet Moto (which is also available on the PS Store) had enough going on to keep the game interesting beyond downing a sixer and playing with friends, Twisted Metal 2 is a multiplayer experience first and foremost. Though it's still decent fun, much of the smaller scope of the game and the simplistic car combat just don't hold up all that well. Nostalgia, it seems, was a bit kinder to this game than we'd originally thought.

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C_SoL4925d ago

back then you would think that this game is the $hit...but i guess it's back then...those were the good old days..

lodossrage4925d ago

Back in the ps1 days, people were RAVING twisted metal 1 and 2. They were games that helped define ps1. And are still great games in my opinion

Xecutiona4925d ago

I think that its completely idiotic to rate a game that came out more than 10 years ago. why not gve the game its score that it had when the original came out? or even reprint the article written back then with a 're-release review" headline?

i think these people have a review quota and they just needed something to bring their hammer down on