The Fanboy Test and Steven Colbert

Gamespot recently did an article on what makes a fanboy. This article is a test to see how much of a fanboy someone is. This includes such fanboy mentalities as Blind Allegiance and Spin, Bad News is Good News, and Paranoia.

Steven Colbert's character is a great example of this. He totally captured the guy who wants to believe his point of view despite any relation to the actual facts or logic. Fanboys act the same way. It doesn't matter if the chances of God of War 3 coming to the Xbox 360 are less than zero, this guy heard it on a forum so it must be true. To quote the great philsopher Steven Colbert:

"Keep your facts, I'm going with the truth."

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ShiftyLookingCow4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

lol @ the last para. Pretty well written article.

edit: and the irony for any PS fanboy is that this is written by someone at GameSpot(teh XBOTS!)

MySwordIsHeavenly4930d ago

Sure is funny, huh?

Well...that is until you realize they're just trying to gain their audience back.

Hapimeses4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

@1.1: I see you entirely missed the point of the article, huh? Personally, I'll enjoy a good article no matter where it is posted; assuming, of course, that I don't need to pay to gain access.

Thinking that this article is an apology for PS3, or that it is designed to gain PS3 readers, really shows how little you understood what the author was saying.

That said, I'm sure some fanboys would think exactly what you do -- so, maybe you're correct about the results of the piece, if not the substantive points? However, no self-respecting Sony fanboy would be found at Gamespot, huh?

power of Green 4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

Agreed!. The last para really pulled it off.

snoop_dizzle4930d ago

i like how they including colbert in this. im surprised the quote didn't say "Keep your facts, I'm going with the TRUTHINESS."

Surviver4930d ago

Yay, i tippes this! :D

and anything negative they obviously didnt read the whole thing ha

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The story is too old to be commented.