Kungfuruss reviews PlayStation Eye games on YouTube

PS3Fanboy has posted a video review of the Playstation Eye. It is watching to decide whether this is a good accessory to buy for those who did not already get it with the Eye of Judgment.

"A member of the PS3Forums community, Kungfuruss, has recorded a number of video reviews to let you know whether they are worthy of a download or not."

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Sony Re-Registers Ember Trademark

Junkie Monkeys: Sony has recently re-registered a trademark for Ember. The funny thing about Ember is that it was announced in 2007 for the PlayStation Eye.

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Agent_hitman3720d ago

Speaking of PS4 camera, I heard that it can also track body movements, just like the kinect. I wonder if Sony along with 3rd party would release games to showcase that camera's full potential not just the PLAYROOM.

zeuanimals3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

I prefer Playroom. Playroom games have been more fun than anything I've done with the Kinect, except maybe dancing games but I don't really "dance".


It can even track eye movements and you can move the camera just with your eyes and they tested it on Infamous Second Son, check GameTrailers VGX reveal. Btw, does this Ember game ever had screenshots?

prodg523720d ago

Just dance works by tracking body movement. You don't need to use the controller or you can use the PS move.

Kiwi663720d ago

So you want sony to make games that use the ps4 camera and yet some playstation owners criticise microsoft for having games that use the kinect why would you want sony to copy what ms have done when people dislike stuff like that apparently

jebabcock3720d ago

Technically Sony was using cameras with console games long before the kinect came along... Your point isn't very valid. The gripe from gamers isn't being provided an accessory. It is having it forced upon you without a choice and into games that are fine without it... Some like the camera some don't... it has always been about being given the choice.

zeuanimals3720d ago

The problem with MS is their over emphasis on Kinect and the fact that they don't give you the option of buying it or not buying it. Sony didn't put much emphasis on the camera and they're giving you the option to buy the console with or without the camera.

DOOMZ3720d ago

The Cam was supposed to come with PS4, Sony took it out to counter MS. Unfortunately, the result will be that the cam will most likely not be supported by many & is as of now, DOA.

3720d ago
DragonKnight3720d ago

@DOOMZ: Sony didn't take the camera out to counter MS, they took out so they wouldn't take as big a hit on the cost of selling the PS4 with the camera. They always wanted the PS4 to sell for $400 and were originally going to bundle the camera (though unlike MS, it wasn't required for the console to work, it was just an add on) with the PS4 and still launch it at $400, but the higher ups and the shareholders decided that they'd take too much of a loss if they did so, so they canned the camera bundle.

Gamingcapacity3720d ago


The PS4 and camera being bundled was a rumour. Removing the camera to compete with MS is also a rumour.

Realistically Sony would of set a price range target a long time ago when they started to plan the console (They need to know how much they can spend on componants to make the console and keep it within the price range). Sony would of planned that they wanto to retail the console for around $400. Now if they did remove the camera it would because it went over the price range which could be due to the rumoured jump from 4GB of memory to 8GB.

What I would doubt is that they would remove a $60 camera to compete with the Xbox One when it's already $100 cheaper. They could include the camera and still come in at $40 cheaper.

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GraveLord3719d ago

Just Dance work with it and that's about it. Don't expect any major support. Not even Kinect is being supported even though its bundled with XB1.

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adonis1833720d ago

Idk why but saying re-register sounds weird :/ it is because I'm Hispanic??

And playroom is awesome(;

Skattman3720d ago

Move, Wonderbook... please support the stuff we buy before introducing more stuff that will be dead on arrival.

rainslacker3720d ago

Sony has released 4 wonderbook titles since it's announcement. That's 4 releases in less than 2 years, with 2 being released just last November, and with an unannounced Disney one in the works as well. Not sure how much more support you want them to put into it.

As far as move. It was release in late 2010. 3-1/2 years later it has 126 games for it. 54 are exclusive and there are currently 14 unreleased games coming out for it.


How much more support should they give to it?

iamnsuperman3719d ago

Wonderbook was a risk but Sony needs risks of that nature since its console doesn't appeal to a younger audience. The only company to get that right is Nintendo but it struggles to reach the mass audience. Sony (and Microsoft which is confusing since the have the Kinect) need to try things that reach the younger audience. It is a market that isn't being exploited

DOOMZ3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Ember sounds cool but the PS4 cam is kinda like the eye toy. Don't even come close to KINECT!

BitbyDeath3720d ago

Kinect is really only known for its microphone. It has never been good at tracking body movements

zeuanimals3720d ago

Theoretically, the Kinect should be better, but in practice, it sucks more than the PS Camera because the few games that use it, like Kinect Sports Rivals and Fighter Within, are unresponsive and the tracking is inaccurate.

The PS Camera in conjunction with the DS4 light bar are super accurate and the Playroom games that use it are actually playable and are fun, to an extent.

jebabcock3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

The eye toy was for the ps2... A very invalid comparison. Are you sure you are informed enough to make that statement.


From a hardware perspective the major differences are that the ps4 uses dual 720p cameras vs the kinect 2's dual 1080p cameras. The kinect also has an infrared cam so it has a sense of nightvision.

The microphone array on the ps4 is better though.

If you are playing kinect games in the dark it should work better on the xb1. You can also take higher res photos/videos of whatever you are doing in your living room. Games might make use of the higher res for more details but at the cost of a significant bit more processing required.

Outside of those differences, the rest comes down to software and the power of the console itself. Sony has basic voice commands that work just fine. From a technical standpoint,There is nothing to stop most games that make use of the kinect from being made on the ps4.

DragonKnight3720d ago

The Eye Toy was doing Kinect stuff before Kinect was even a conception. Kinect has and always will suck.


MasterCornholio3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

The problem with Kinect is the camera part of it isn't used much in games. Most of what's done is done with the microphone.

P.S I'm basing my facts off what a Kinect developer (Rare I think) is currently saying which ka true.

frostypants3719d ago

KINECT doesn't even come close to Kinect. I.E., the reality comes nowhere close to the hype. List the amazing games that use Kinect for core gameplay (i.e. it is considered essential) on either the 360 or the One. There are none.

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DivineAssault 3719d ago

i havent really used my PS4 eye for anything.. Im glad i own it for any future games that utilize it to my liking but i only toyed with it a few times with playroom & thats it

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