Deals: Blu-ray movies for cheap

PS3Fanboy has posted some great deals that will be sure to help you build up your Blu Ray collection for your PS3 and Blu Ray standalone player.

* amazon.com is offering a Buy 1, Get 1 free sale on select titles. It's similar to the selection they offered before. If you're into their offerings, this is easily the best deal of the bunch.
* J&R has select movies on sale. The catch? You have to buy two and you have to pay for shipping. But, with the average disc costing $16, this might be worth your while.
* Deep Discount is offering 20% off every movie in the store. This gives you a very flexible way of saving on movies not found in the previous deals. You might want to pick up Planet Earth or the Spider-Man collection. Use coupon code NYTIMES.

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xhi46043d ago

but how do I do the buy one get one free thing? My only option is 'add to cart' :S

how do i do it?

Gamespot-equals-EGM6043d ago

That's a pretty good deal. I never knew blu-ray discs were only $20 (don't currently have a ps3 or blu-ray player).

@Xhi4: use this link


SDFm3rc6043d ago

I love me some blu-rays, BUT, where's the Fvckin games man???

apart from COD 4 and PES 2008, what other decent titles are on the PS3?

FFS I didn't spend nearly $600 for fvckin blu-ray films, I payed $600 for GAMES

SONY, FFS gimme some DECENT games (not crap like HS, LIAR, MOTORSTORM, R+C or Uncharted) quicktime, otherwise I'm tradin in this black box for an ELITE.

ravinash6043d ago

I got COD4 last Friday, Assassins creed will turn up any day now (Game sent me an Email saying its in the post) and shortly after that Unreal Tournament is coming out.
I have more games than I have time to play them.

ruibing6043d ago

I don't know what games you are ranting about but the only ones you will be missing are Halo 3, Ace Combat 6, Lost Odyssey, and Mass Effect. In return you get White Knight Story, Haze, GT5 (Prologue), and those other games you listed (I don't understand why you dislike them).

I've already bought Guitar Hero III, Rock Band, and a bunch of PSN games (like Everyday Shooter). This winter I'll probably get Assassin's Creed and some exclusive title which I haven't decided yet (it's not like I have that much time over winter break).

tonsoffun6043d ago

This is ridiculous - this is nowt but a complete and utter spam post.

For shame.

ravinash6043d ago

then I'm all for it.
Although are these deals working on the UK sites?

ruibing6043d ago (Edited 6043d ago )

I'm sorry you feel that way but I thought it had some really good deals for those who want to buy some movies for cheap. Please ignore it if you do not own a Blu Ray playing player.

I did tag this with PS3 only so it wasn't spamming anyone except PS3 owners.

Chibs6043d ago

Just to let people in EU know that when Amazon ship these, on the box they put the "full" value of the goods onto the label, so even if you end up only paying $30 for the 2 blu-rays and shipping, they'll show the extra $20 which you did not pay.

I.e. You get the buy one get one free offer, you pay $30 for the whole thing, but when they ship it out to EU they add the value of the free blu-ray to the overall cost of the package. And BAM, you then pay import tax.

I overall paid amazon less than £18 for the package (and should have not therefore been charged import tax), but seeing as they put the value of the shipment as $66, I had to pay another £14 import tax, making the deal practically worthless.

I've yet to moan at Amazon about this >.<


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DefenderOfDoom22h ago

Would love to see a sequel to the 7th gen FPS campaign SINGULARITY from RAVEN Software..


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Burrito26a1d 21h ago

Aquanauts Holiday at $500. Nice

jznrpg1d 19h ago

I don’t collect games for their value I collect games I enjoyed playing. Many games I own are worth a lot of money but they must be games I want to play for me to purposely collect them. Most of this list isn’t games I would enjoy. I may have some of these games because I bought my friends PS2/3 Collection years ago and I never actually looked what was in it. It was a couple hundred games though still sitting in a box and I’m sure there are some good valuable games. I should go sift through it sometime.

Profchaos1d 18h ago

I tend to agree for the most part rarity is linked to price
It's unusual that a rare game was popular with a few notable exceptions. Games released at the tail end of a consoles lifecycle which became popular years or decades later like little Samson on the NES or earthbound on SNES.
Or games that were banned after release in certain regions

Looking at this list there's nothing I'd be trying to collect either most of these games were fairly unpopular and bashed on their release leading to the scarcity seen now.
Especially NBA elite which I remember actually watching the news about how it got cancelled but had already shipped to retail it was so bad .

P_Bomb1d 18h ago

I still have Afrika. Who knew it’d be worth something?

MrBaskerville1d 11h ago

Was unaware that Verdict Day was rare, glad I still own my copy. Game is very good.

Chocoburger1d 9h ago

She forgot to mention Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch Wizard's Edition with Ninostarter bonuses. This is the second or third most expensive PS3 game, and I own a sealed copy.



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