Ridge Racer 7 Screenshots

Namco Bandai Games today released first screens for Ridge Racer 7, the highly anticipated drift racing game being developed for the next generation PlayStation 3. Experience the ultimate in virtual racing as you drift around corners at speeds of over 160 mph, taking the lead as Ridge Racer 7 delivers a next -generation online experience unlike any other.

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The Drift king5864d ago

Nobody cares about ridge racer. The game is absolutely horrible and has been for a long time. It is in no way the "ultimate in virtual racing".RR6 looked bad on PS2 standards based on how dated the graphics and gameplay were and for a 360 title it was definitely a major embarassment. The only reason MS decided to allow it to be launched on the system is because they are desperately seeking the japanese market. Do not care about/discuss/buy/rent or read any magazines that make mention of this title.