Gabe Newell Interview: Valve's MD Talks DotA 2 & Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

NowGamer: Valve's Gabe Newell on 3am DotA sessions, working with IceFrog and making Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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dredgewalker4179d ago (Edited 4179d ago )

That pic of Gabe is actually quite scary! Counter Strike for consoles confirmed!

malol4179d ago

" Counter Strike for consoles confirmed!"

lol dude you live under a rock ?? XD
it has been since day one

MidnytRain4179d ago

Lol, under a rock because he hasn't been on the internet enough? XD

malol4178d ago

no thats not it
but a new counter strike is a pretty big news
almost everyone knows about this already

dredgewalker4178d ago

I do think it is shameful not to be aware of it earlier but to be honest I have other things I do in life more important than games. It's fine if I live in a rock but I do have all sorts of responsibilities like my work and being a father. I can't really play much these days either and I just drop in here when I have the time.

dredgewalker4179d ago

I guess I have been, anyway I'm happy with this news. I don't really spend most of my time waiting around for news cause I work most of the times :)

JD_Shadow4179d ago

Good stuff in the interview, but you're right...that looks like a mug shot. Either that or Gabe partied a bit too hard the night before! LMAO!

dredgewalker4179d ago

I'm actually trying very hard right now not to make a Gabe joke with that pic........but it's soooo tempting!!

chak_4179d ago

Getting bored of valve sometimes.

I don't care much about dota or CS, give the damn HL !

NuclearDuke4179d ago

Doubt you will see HL before 2015 :)

EditorAtGNG4179d ago

Man, there's a reason why Valve are at the top of their game. Unlike other developers who seem to be only fixated on PROFIT and NOTHING more, these guys seem generally concerned about their audiences reaction and whether they are having fun with the game they are making or not. It is just awesome that they find talented people and share their ideas on building a better game.

Cpt_kitten4179d ago

if they really cared about there audience they would have at least said something about the next half life game instead of coughing and announcing other games

though i am pumped for new counter strike

EditorAtGNG4179d ago

You can't really blame em. A new Half Life has to be something news, something amazing. Like any other game in the series before it, it will revolutionize the genre once again... So, I'd rather wait for something great than a rushed game.

Cpt_kitten4179d ago

its been 6 years the "rushed" excuse dose not cut it anymore they have had time to make it just as long as half life 2 ep1 and ep2 put together and upgrade it couple times over, no excuse at this point

tdrules4179d ago

So the new Counter Strike will be cross platform.