IGN:Crysis Review 9.4

"Crysis is one of, if not the, most stunningly beautiful games we've ever seen. But even beyond that, it's a pretty fantastic shooter. Solid weapons, intelligent enemies, and fairly open level designs mix with nano-suit powers to make this one of the more entertaining ballistic showdowns in some time."

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Bonsai12144927d ago

now, the only thing i need is a desktop computer thats completely supped up and i'm set to go.. haha. i have maybe one friend who has a computer capable of running this game on medium to low settings. and if i so much as mention the word crysis in front of my laptop, it'll burst into flame.. shhh..

hopefully Crytek will bear some fruit with its expeditions into the console world.

ShiftyLookingCow4927d ago (Edited 4927d ago )

great review. I sort of expected the con with the story as it is a triology. After trying the demo again and again with various settings and OSes, the best settings for my PC is on XP64(Vista performance is really bad) with the Very High DX9 tweak at 1280x720 4xAA(its funny, this is almost more than 2x faster than 1680x1050 NoAA, but there is visible loss in detail, but still better than High). Of course the framerates are around 15-28fps but doesnt dip below 15 and is playable enough. Also cant wait to see what the modding community is going to make for Crysis.

MySwordIsHeavenly4927d ago (Edited 4927d ago )

I'm getting another gig of RAM and an Nvidia 8800 GT for Christmas!!!

akaFullMetal4927d ago (Edited 4927d ago )

i can play it fine on medium with my 8600 gts, played the demo, it was just ok in my opinion, didnt see anything that really hasnt been done in video games before, but i really do have to say even on medium it is beautiful, the controls are tight, and is action packed, if your a computer gamer, u will love this game

edit: so i recieved a disagree because computer gamers will like this???

Brian52474927d ago

So basically it's worse than Black & White.

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The story is too old to be commented.