Microsoft axing big-name project? 'It is definitely not Too Human'

Next up on the list was Silicon Knights' Too Human. Given the prolonged development cycle of the game and the legal battle being waged between Silicon Knights and Epic Games over the former's licensing of the latter's Unreal Engine 3, such a cancellation would not be entirely surprising. However, when contacted by GameSpot, a Silicon Knights representative shot that suggestion down as well, saying, "It is definitely not Too Human."

An Ensemble Studios poster on the official Halo Wars forums didn't specifically deny that the high-profile real-time-strategy spin-off of Microsoft's sci-fi cash cow was cancelled. However, he did post a picture of a man in a tinfoil hat in the thread on the subject, showing exactly what was thought of the suggestion.

As of press time, representatives with Cryptic Studios, developers of Microsoft's upcoming Marvel Universe massively multiplayer online game had not responded to a request for comment, and a browsing of the studio's forums failed to turn up any Cryptic-penned posts on the matter. However, a MMOG attached to a license as powerful as the Marvel Universe will likely get every chance to succeed, and Cryptic's recent sale of its interest in City of Heroes and City of Villains to NCsoft suggests the developer's other projects are going well enough that it doesn't need a safety net to fall back on.

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sonarus4930d ago

why is this rumour being taken so seriously

Danja4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

because maybe it's not just a rumor and maybe true that a first party game got the axe....

HALO WARS...haha

sanderFVCKINcohen4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

its.....(no need for drumrolls this time).......


I said so many times already....

Its not Banjo Kazooie3, cuz Rare has somehting to prove,inplus Microsoft needs a platformer game. Its not Too Human, there has been to many updates of the game so far, and they also have something to prove. Its, not Alan Wake, not a 1st party developer. Finally, not Fable2, if you had an xbox youll know damm well they just barely released there 3rd diary, now there 4th is on the way.

Halo Wars, I think itll just be suspended, for NOW. I just read recenctly Microsoft needs more staff on Peter Molyneux's upcomeing project which is code named "The Dimitri Project", and ill be the fist to reveal it. it is....drumrolls.....B.C., not cancelled just suspended. It was suppose to release in '05 but MGS out of no where cancelled it. I guess too remake it on the 360.

mesh14930d ago

microsoft axe lazy devs that why ull notice only AAAtitles in 360 i think sony shud tAKE notice opps forgpt sony does not have a software division like Microsoft's game studio hahhahah aowned

Gahigiddy4930d ago

Halo Wars then.

Not Banjo, Too Human (awww), Alan Wake...that's it for "1st party" MS games. Even AW isn't 1st party.

Looking weak MS, and after losing around 15 exclusives they axe another game. Christ.

Bladestar4930d ago

No way is halo wars... we've seing too many videos, and the game seems to be too advance into the development cycle to be trashed... also... we are talking about a Halo Themed game... who will sell lots of copies...

supermandead6664930d ago

You're right, us long as that halo name is on the cover of the box retarded xbots will buy it no matter what.

The Chief of Mjolnir4929d ago

There is something called fans, numbnut. I am one, and I will buy it.

There is a difference between fan and fanboy. Learn it, then come back.

ngg123454930d ago

I'm sorry, but that is the only first party game that has a chance of not being made.

power of Green 4930d ago

Its possible its a secret game thats in development people are hoping for. PS3 fanboys opinions are not even valid as if they know whats being developed in secret for 360 thats 1st party.

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The story is too old to be commented.