GameSpot: Xenoblade Chronicles Review

It begins with an epic battle, a clash of titans in a world without time or form. The scale, the scope, and the vast expanse of the gameworld are established in this moment. The two giants collide, swords clashing in the misty gulf of the universe, and developer Monolith Soft makes it very clear that you're about to embark on something special. Much like the thundering behemoths that mark the game's opening, Xenoblade Chronicles is groundbreaking.

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guitar_nerd_234428d ago

I hope this is the start of a great comeback for the genre and not just a one off. :)

Soplox4428d ago

This game is just Epic love the battle system. The only let down are the graphics but y'know is a Wii game. I'm playing it right now and I'm in US

smilydude134428d ago

The graphics actually look very good for a Wii game from what I've seen. To be honest due to the splendid art style it looks significantly more appealing than a lot of PS360 games in my opinion.

limewax4428d ago

I agree, got my copy yesterday, and will likely run it through an emulator later, because one of the things I notice first was the incredible amount of detail they put in, The only thing holding it back is low res and AA. I bet it will take some really nice screenshots at 1080p 16xAA.

It also has an incredibly deep system which I think most RPG fans will soon get pretty comfy with

Ult iMate4428d ago (Edited 4428d ago )

This is the best reason to turn my Wii on for the first time in the last half year.

Relientk774427d ago

I hope this comes to the U.S.


Xenoblade composer shares a message, says "it's time for a fresh start"

Xenoblade Chronicles composer Kenji Hiramatsu reflects on his work and feels that it's "time for a fresh start."

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autobotdan10d ago

Best JRPG series of the last 5 years imo

repsahj10d ago

I agree 100%. My top JRPG so far, together with Baldurs Gate 3 and FF16.

autobotdan10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

There is no together at the top. There is only one top jrpg series. Xenoblade Chronicles series is alone at the top

raWfodog10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I like the Xenoblades series but my ‘top’ series would be either the Trails series or Persona series. Just too many good games for me to just pick one series though, so I say play them all lol.

autobotdan10d ago

You are hereby excommunicated the church of Xenoblade Chronocology

CappyBlack9d ago

I'm not huge into JRPGs, but my favorite is easily the Persona series. It's all opinion though. Xenoblade is a great series.

repsahj10d ago

XC4 for Switch 2 for the win!! So excited!

phoenixwing9d ago

Also they might port over xenoblade x to the switch 2


Tetsuya Takahashi Wants The Next Xenoblade To Be Vastly Different From Previous Games

Tetsuya Takahashi has revealed his plan to make the next Xenoblade vastly different from previous games.

GotGame81841d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I liked the Xenoblade X formula. It takes awhile, but opening up Mechs was amazing. Especially once you can fly them, and use them in battle. You have to put some time into the game to do it, but it's worth it!

Also, the graphics were more realistic than the other games. Still looks good today, just a lot more pop-in than is acceptable today, hell even too much for back then. It wasn't game breaking though.

gleepot9d ago

Xenoblade 1-3 and X are so great. That said, I'm ready for them to do a big change up.

Lightning Mr Bubbles375d ago

Me being a Playstation guy and a huge JRPG fan, I can say that the only franchises I actually miss that are on Switch are The Fire Emblem series and The Xenoblade Chronicles series. I've played neither but I've heard good things. I've seen people play Xenoblade Chronicles games on youtube, and it seems like they think it's a big deal so I'm curious.

Rebel_Scum374d ago

As someone who doesnt like jrpg’s that much these days I went into Xenoblade Chronicles blind and had a blast. Reminded me of that golden age of 16-bit and 32-bit jrpgs. If thats the era you liked then it should hit the spot.

jznrpg374d ago

I only have a Switch for the games that don’t come on PlayStation . There aren’t a ton but there are some good ones.

repsahj374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

I agree with top 1, for me xenoblade chronicles 3(and 2) is one of the greatest jrpg to date. It's like the feeling of playing ff7 on ps1 for the first time again. Imagine if XC3 was done with ps5 graphics, that will be magical. I might get the xc remaster before the year ends or after I got the platinum trophy of GoW ragnarok.

jznrpg374d ago

I didn’t care for 2 as much . It’s good but 3 is sooo much better than so is the first one imo .

repsahj374d ago

yeah I agree, but much better than any recent jrpg releases.