Top 5 - Video Game Humorists

Since the dawn of video games, humorists have been mining its pixilated depths for comedy. With hundreds of webcomics, cartoons, YouTube videos, and online shows, the world of gaming humor has become a large one indeed. The following are the five video gaming humorists that have risen to the top.

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Jim Hawking4680d ago (Edited 4680d ago )

He's funny but he doesn't release videos very often. Same reason I didn't include VGCats.

tunaks14680d ago

quality products take time.


Is Backwards Compatibility Really Necessary for Consoles? - Slightly Civil War (Yahtzee)

This week on Slightly Civil War, Yahtzee Croshaw and Jack Packard debate whether backwards compatibility is actually necessary for new consoles.

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blacktiger1429d ago

no it's not necessary, nobody wants to play crappy graphic or gameplay with the worse AI!

littletad1429d ago

Is it really necessary to save your money?

ApocalypseShadow1429d ago

Ask Sony if 110+ million and Nintendo's 50+ million console sales made BC necessary. Obviously not. If you give it to me, I'll take it. If not, BC wasn't what I was looking for on new hardware anyway.

It's a feature that's cool to have and is convenient in not needing multiple pieces of hardware hooked up. New hardware can make old games sometimes look better.

But it's not necessary when the reason we buy new consoles, is to play new games that take advantage of that new hardware. If new, quality games are coming in constantly, you'll find less an less time to play old games.

For the billionth time.

Skuletor1429d ago

Definitely not necessary but from a marketing standpoint it's pretty clever. If someone had a console this gen and amassed a collection of games for it, they may be less likely to switch to a rival console if they can carry those games over to that console's next iteration , possibly with advantages like a higher resolution or higher frames etc.

Bigman4k1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

I mean its helps also knowing i can play all my ps4&xboxone games on my ps5 or Xbox series x via backwards compatible makes me wanna buy both next gen consoles even more


The Magic Hour, a travelogue-style web series featuring Magic: The Gathering

The show will air exclusively on Penny Arcade's YouTube channel and release content weekly on Thursdays, alternating between the full 15-minute episodes..

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Penny Arcade - The Xbox One X

It has honestly been years since I even thought about the Xbox but I decided to see what they had done since I left and what the new hardware had to offer.

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Webbyy2410d ago

Now you know, now you know true power. Bring on the x beast.

gangsta_red2410d ago

lol, i'm convinced but I still would like the set up to compliment these mid gen consoles.

Gazondaily2410d ago

Damn! That is a MASSIVE endorsement for the console right there

NoPeace_Walker2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Man, reading that article, especially the last paragraph, bought tears to my eyes. So emotional. The powerful specs of the Beast has bought the author, a self admitted Xbox hater, to come home to Xbox! I suspect many like him will do the same this Holiday.

TankCrossing2409d ago

Totally. I puked all over my wife. I... don't handle emotion well.

2409d ago
2408d ago
DEEBO2410d ago

Just pick up Metal Gear Rising,Rise of the Tomb Raider,Gears 4 and Assassin's Creed Orgin.
Plus I got some old X1 games on the hdd,

Ok MS,Trill Me!

BlackTar1872409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

Aren't PA the people who refuse to put the third part of their RPG onto PS3?

I thought PA was always Xbox first type of people.

#1 & #2 were 2 of my favorite RPGs last gen but #3 fell short due to changing the style of the gameplay. Rain Slick was a great series though.

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