Xbox Live maintenance on November 13th

On Tuesday November 13th from 00:00-02:00 PT Microsoft's engineering team will be performing server maintenance.

Specifically, maintenance will begin at 00:00 while the Xbox Live service maintenance will begin at 01:00.

This is for maintenance only, there will be no new features that will appear on, your dashboard or Xbox Live when it returns to service. It's not time for the dashboard update… yet.

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toughNAME4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

earrlllyyy december : )

Bnet3434930d ago

why is fall update so late? when is the last day of fall? I think early December is still fall, so technically they can still make it in time. I hope for DivX support.

Surviver4930d ago

As long as it happens, and it is worth it, i'm happy.

BloodySinner4930d ago

Ironically, November 13th is the date my Gold subscription expires.

power of Green 4930d ago

I wonder if their some truth to the other XBL news post. I fired up my 360 after the Hawks game and the people on my friends list stats didn't show up(just says everybodies offline).

Something huge is in the works.

PopEmUp4930d ago

Divx is the best update for this time since XBL want to be ahead of psn in this department