John Davison & Ira Becker Launch New Startup Website "What They Play"

Via Ripten:

"Mr. John Davison and Mr. Ira Becker recently left Ziff Davis to begin work on a new startup website, What They Play. WTP focuses on what games are suitable for certain age groups of children."

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tonsoffun4924d ago

I wish them both good luck in there new endeavour.

i think if marketed correctly, this could be a fantastic resource for parents.

Kudos John.

MattFoley4924d ago

Like the author said I'm glad my parents didn't have this resource.

Jman41834924d ago

As an avid fan of 1up yours I wish John Davison the best of luck! I think they have every opportunity to take advantage of the shortcomings of the ESRB. This could be a big hit.