No 1080p PS3 Games Yet, Says Sony

The PlayStation 3 may be capable of 1080p, but there are no games that support it right now. The company also clarifies the importance of HDMI for its self-styled full HD.

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specialguest5863d ago

every other good or bad news after the shocking news about a delay for Europe doesn't matter anymore. it's over...

drewdrakes5863d ago

dammit sony, get your act in gear!

zonetrooper55863d ago

Oh no there is no 1080P. The world has come to an end. Jesus people 1080P and 1080i, i swear there is no difference.

BIadestarX5863d ago

I can't have enough of this? What the heck is wrong with Sony? I think they have a huge list of bad news; and they feel it is best for them to release one at a time.
Also, didn't microsoft mention a while back that the PS3 will not be releasing any game at that resolution, at least for a long time if ever? It's almost like microsoft is telling them what to say...

TheMART5863d ago

And I don't want to say I've said it all along... But mark my words: there will be no 1080p games.

And if there are, very, very few. Like Tetris 1080p 24 FPS in 4096 colours. The hardware just isn't capable enough of doing so Sony just uses it as a marketing trick. In the end it's just 720p

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The story is too old to be commented.