Why the PS3 version of Battlefield 3 might be the superior console port

It looks PS3 owners would be getting a better looking port of Battlefield 3 than Xbox 360 owners will be entitled to.

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Wizziokid2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

both versions will be top, don't see why people are worrying

Shackdaddy8362710d ago

I think people are worried because DICE has to use a different type of lighting for the xbox version and that they have shown absolutely 0 footage.

fluffydelusions2710d ago

That's because EA always develops on PS3. Both versions will end up looking the same minus the usual minor differences.

blumatt2710d ago

Not sure about how the graphics will differ. All we know for sure right now is that PS3 version will be on one disc, which to me is a positive.

Either way, I can't wait to play the game. Much more excited for this than MW3. Getting both though.

Dramscus2710d ago

People are worried because when a multiplatform title comes out one copy invariably looks shittier than the other.

Which is followed by the owners of whichever console owns the better looking version calling the other console owners ignorant little nancy's for owning such ma defunct POS.

Go fanboys go.

-Alpha2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Medal of Honor was lead on PS3 yet ended up looking slightly better on 360.

Only reason they are showing PS3 footage is because PS3 and EA are best buds much like Activision and MS.

DrRichtofen2710d ago

It seems like Dice is just trying to take advantage of what every platform has to offer. Like the pc version with its improved visuals, player count ETC, but now it looks like they're moving on to the PS3 and doing every thing they can to take full use of it. I'm sure the xbox version might get the same treatment and have improvements in the areas where it shines most where it will differentiate from the PS3. I'm actually glad dice is doing this, its great knowing that not one version of the game is going to hold back the other versions of it.

MaxXAttaxX2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Barely. I thought they looked equally unimpressive.
Just typical Unreal Engine 3 differences.

[On topic]
I don't think EA had been developing games lead on PS3 up until Burnout Paradise.

Are DICE the first multi-platform developers to offload work to the SPUs like this?
Cause I know exclusive studios have. But I think this is a first for multiplatform games....(?)

evrfighter2710d ago

I thought it was already established that the ps3 was gonna be the superior console port?

I mean if you're EA and DICE sure by all means put it on 360 also. But when the console makers themselves and Activision have formed their own circle...

Why should EA/DICE scale back on processing power IF the ps3 allows? Why should they worry about what the xbox fanbase thinks when the xbox fanbase is going to be buying cod and supporting elite anyway????

M-Easy2710d ago

No one has mentioned that on the PS3 you get a free copy of Battlefield 1943 with Battlefield 3... On the same single disc.

Ranshak2710d ago

I thought console gamers didnt care about the graphics differences, Since everytime PC beats both of them out in a comparison all they have to say "oh graphics dont effect gameplay", so why quibble over small differences between ps3 and 360, graphics dont effect gameplay right?

Ju2710d ago

@NathanExplosion, only MoH's campaign was UE3, though. The multiplayer used Dice's Frostbite 1(.5) engine. A refined BC2 engine, basically. Frostbite 2 is the first introducing deferred rendering, though. BF3 will look miles better than BC2/MoH.

reynod2710d ago

"BF3 will look miles better than BC2/MoH."

Only on PC. Console versions will look very simular to BC2.

Consoles were already struggling to play BC2, both of them were running around 28fps. Taking the graphics any higher will only end up reducing frame rates. Hence i dont think Console version will be looking any better then the BC2 counterparts.

Ju2710d ago

You know sometimes idiocracy makes me want to throw up. Learn to read. If you don't like what I say, go figure out the dev docs Dice releases.

RedDead2710d ago

Nathan is more to do with Cod and the 360. You know how that is. BF 3 needs a face so to speak for console owners. MS has it's bromace with Cod and has for years. All that's left for BF3 is Sony. Anyone with a decent Pc obviously knows where to get it and where it will be better. Because PC gamers are always informed. Some console owners just get one game year after year. Cod.

BF3 is already being advertised over here in Ireland. That is REALLY rare and EA's marketing hasn't got it's head stuck up it's ass this time..dead space etc. Just some solid in game footage. Nothing more nothing less. The ingame footage speaks for itself, no need for a CG trailer.

DualConsoleOwner2710d ago

Cell power is extremely hard to extract. Hence, why only very few games show off PS3's superior spec.

If Dice extracted PS3 like ND, GG, SM did. then ofc it would be superior.

Ju2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Dice does exactly that. Well, you could say, they are still on generation 1, though, while ND and GG worked on 2 to 3 optimization cycles already.

CoLD FiRE2710d ago

@Ranshak Console fanboys try to praise every little bit of difference if it's in favor of their console of choice and downplay the other version. But when it comes to comparing with the PC version they always say..bu..bu...but graphics don't matter.


Kurt Russell2710d ago

If it looks better on PS3 I'll buy it there, if it looks better on Xbox - I'll get it there. Easy!

lil Titan2710d ago

i believe they both will looks somewhat the same but play different. every time i play a 360 version of a FPS it always feels much faster than the PS3 version. try playing COD on PS3 first then play COD on 360 on default settings or BF or any FPS

Shepherd 2142710d ago

Oh shit! Tiled shading instead of deffered shading!!!

How will life go on??

Dee_912709d ago

well there goes 10 points off the ign review :)

Istanbull2709d ago

PS3 version all the way, free online etc

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mastiffchild2710d ago

BF3, Rage, MW3, Bioshock:Infinite, Bodycount-what do these upcoming shooters all have in common? That's right, they will look the exact same to the naked gaming eye on PS360 when they arrive. That is all.

how often have games this generation been so bad on either platform that you could notice, say, if you'd played one version at one of your mates then gone home and played the other version there? Three or four games in either direction tops?

Am I alone in feeling the likes of DF and LoT can sod off with comparison videos using programs to detect differences ? If you can't see it when it's your JOB then how the hell will we see it? Differences you can't see or hear in normal circumstances might as well not exist at all until we start using programs to play our games for us and SEE those games through them too. Aaand, guess what. if there are differences bad enough normal reviews will find them anyway.

gw4k2710d ago

We all know how this goes. Come on folks. Instead of rubbing your magic ball(s) how about you wait till it comes out. Gah! No one cares about gamermint's opinion.

Cmpunk2710d ago

sony = ea microsoft = activision nuff said get over it when it comes to cod the xbox version will be better when it comes to ea battlefield need for speed ect.. will be better

the power of the partnership

sprayNpray2710d ago

We're worried because so far, COD has been shit on PS3 (at least on release). It might help to have a PS3 beta instead of 360 only (looking at you gayarch).

Bonobo123452710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Amen to that, PS3 owners got shafted by treyarch and should be hostile towards activision for showing such little respect to the platform.

I have no hate towards anything in the gaming industry, that said whenever I read the word 'Treyarch' my blood starts to boil and the image of Josh Olins face flashes in my mind repeatedly like the flashing strobe of death and I get uncontrollable urges to cause pain and misery to this man and all whom he associates, with brutally violent justice.

I am dealing with my issues caused by these people but even so, I must remain far away from all things related to... them.

Rhythmattic2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )


Exactly... So their is 3 different versions, with 3 different advantages/disadvantages.....

All in all, we get the same friggin game... The concept/gameplay

F Boys, STFU.

subtenko2710d ago

All I gotta say is if any of us xbox360 fans complain about this, what were we thinking when we got all the special COD support?

COD franchise = friends of xbox360 fans

Battlefield franchise = more friends with ps3 fans

I see the division, and most of it is because of ps3 fans who dislike M$ bringing everyone with money as usual. Cant blame them, they are right.

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

Hicken2709d ago

It's pretty hard to want to keep supporting a company when they clearly do what they can to snub your console of choice. And yes, they get paid to do so, but that doesn't exactly lessen the sting when you've got to wait a month to play the new maps for your game, because a competing company paid to have them first.

Gray-Fox-Type02709d ago

I am getting the PS3 version , I for one not paying for a gold subscription i.e double the amount of the game just to play it online. Even though Xbox may have a slight superior service. Can not wait for this.

Few questions though

1. How many players does the console version have? PC versions has 64 i am aware seeing the multiplayer trailer from gamescon was AMAZING!

2. Does the console version have jets?

Acezakj2706d ago

1. Consoles have 24 players max. Due to hardware limitations. :/

2. Yes, consoles will get jets.

Lazy_Sunday2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

wtf is that all about guys? Come on, he's not trying to make a fanboyish statement or anything. BF3 is still going to play like BF3 on both consoles, whether the shaders render better on PS3 or 360 won't really impact it. Then again...

Shaders in BF have been a big part of the MP, so it might help 360 players if the shaders don't look as good, since they might not show, and cover in some areas may not work the same.

2709d ago
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Nate-Dog2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Well there's barely been any X360 footage shown (has there actually been any so far?) so I think that's enough of a reason for X360 players to feel worried by and neglected.

@Wizzio & Padz: Yeah I guess you're right. I'm not getting it on X360 myself but I just feel a little sorry for X360 users since they've been left almost completely in the dark over it.

Wizziokid2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

by that logic ps3 gamers should be worried about COD (well tbh that's a given since the devs are s**t) dead island, Skyrim, Batman (AC), farcry 3 and so on.

DICE are a great dev, i'm sure the 360 version will be up to standards.

like i've said before most devs will use 360 to show off gameplay but EA tends to use PS3

chadachada1232710d ago

PS3 users shouldn't necessarily be "worried" about COD over the lack of footage, but it's reasonable to feel slightly neglected/apprehensive about it.

That said, I'm a 360 gamer, and I'm down for not having any footage so far. The gameplay and destruction are what's important for me since the graphics simply won't be the best (for the PS3/360 versions compared to PC).

damnyouretall2710d ago

i own both consoles and im getting the 360 copy. im in the 360 beta and im sure ill be happy with the results. when a game is fun its fun. to hell with knitpicking fanboy shit, its still the same game. but as far as the pc version, them gamers deserve that shit after spending the money on their rigs. everyone wins

padz12710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Yeah but that was the same with crysis 2 on the PS3, barely any footage (if none?) was shown but it turned out pretty much the same as the Xbox 360 version. I wouldn't worry about it, DICE know what they are doing.

fluffydelusions2710d ago

It's because EA develops on PS3.

starchild2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

This is true. EA and Sony have a sort of relationship right now and EA developers tend to focus a little more on the PS3 versions.

That said, it still didn't stop the 360 versions of games like Dead Space, Crysis 2, Mirror's Edge, or Medal of Honor from being equal or better than the PS3 versions.

I think Battlefield 3 will look about the same on both consoles, with each version having a few small advantages over the other, just like we saw in Battlefield Bad Company 2. In my experience the 360 version had less screen tearing and a better frame rate, but the PS3 version had superior foliage (alpha to coverage). Overall, though, I remember them being pretty similar. BF3 will probably be much the same way.

xPhearR3dx2710d ago

There was zero footage shown from the Xbox 360 version of L.A. Noire and it still turned out great. Only difference between the two was some lighting issues. Other than that, they were identical.

Phantasm2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

The way it's going, no one's gonna be able to do a comparison until launch day. Come on Dice, work on your 360 promoting a little better.

humbleopinion2710d ago

I don't know Nate-dog, based on DICE history and proven track record games on the X360 always looked superior or at least equal to the PS3 - so why worry?

This article is a dud anyway: what the writer missed is the fact that the only reason in the world you'd let an SPU do GPU work is when the GPU is not powerful enough to support what you want to achieve.
After all, you can easily offload GPU work to the CPU on both the 360 and on PC, yet they both use GPU tiled based rendering. Why is that? Simply because they can. There's actually quite an overhead and waster resources when you have to sync graphics work between the GPU and the SPUs, so you should avoid it unless you can't reach the target render based on the GPU alone.

Does anyone here claim like the writer that the PS3 version is going to look superior to the PC because the PC is using tiled based rendering and the PS3 is using the SPUs instead?

Boon Tarkas2710d ago

As an Xbox owner, a veritable cultural icon and a superlative representative of the gaming race, I'll just let you know, on behalf of the whole XBOX community, we're not worried.

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Dart892710d ago

God i wish it were October already i really wanna play this.

Zir02710d ago

Which is why its destined to be second to MW3

Nes_Daze2710d ago

I rather spend my hard earned money on a fresh new FPS then play online multiplayer in MW3 with all those immature teens that think COD is the only gaming franchise on the planet.
Ignorance is plentiful these days.

Sithlord-Gamble2710d ago

Here we go again. What makes MW3 better? Of course itll sell millions of copies; marketing is king.
But sales dont equal quality!

My prediction is this :
MW3 = Will Have Most Sales
BF3 = Will Have Better Review Scores

Popular doesnt equal Quality people.

Brownghost2710d ago

ill go play MW2 and still have the same feeling

Pixel_Enemy2710d ago

Exactly. I can play COD4,World at War, MW2 or even Black OPS and it will feel just like MW3.

Pixel_Enemy2710d ago

You mean in sales terms you sheep.

DtotheRoc2709d ago

pixel_enemy, they are not all the same. on PC cod4 and mw2 by the same exact company were worlds apart for instance and black ops was very different as well. that said though the only good game was cod4 lol

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