Massive Lagg Over Xbox Live

Several people have been experiencing lag on Xbox live for the past few days why we aren't sure but it may have something to do with the fall update. Some of the problems that people are having is people getting kicked out of games, taking much longer than usual to join or get people into a game lobby, taking awhile ( or not eve accebting the chats with an error message) to accept chats and send messages and many others.


Major Nelson had posted that there will be Xbox Live Maintenance For the date of 11/13/07 If you don't know thats tomorrow.

Maintenance will begin at 0000 while the Xbox LIVE service maintenance will begin at 0100.

This is for maintenance only, there will be no new features that will appear on, your dashboard or Xbox Live when we return to service. It’s not time for the dashboard update…yet.

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FirstknighT4929d ago

I haven't seen it. I been playing Halo 3 daily and lag has not been an issue.

dfcm20034929d ago

LOL, Man that was funny. lol

C_SoL4929d ago

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power of Green 4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

Its been known to lag on a large scale, when
I was booted out of Lost Planet when MSFT released the BioShock demo I knew it was MSFT adding the demo then the traffic that followed. It does happen(everybody knew it was comming that caused the issues).

Could be anything this post is almost spam(boy I wish it had something to do with testing-fall update kind of silly assuming so.

It is not a stretch to think MSFT is indeed testing future add-ons but where is the proof in this post?.

"Massive Lagg Over Xbox Live"

" Several people have been experiencing lag "

power of Green 4929d ago

What do you dissagree with?.

bym051d4929d ago

Will the people who knocked the PSN for problems today admit that any online system is going to have some issues, whether you pay $50 a year or not?

power of Green 4929d ago

Most had sense enough not to attack PSN.
The reasons are hard to say but I doubt they're the same. People always complain as there is always people having problems.

I'd be suprized if this wasn't a revenge post somebody looking in forums and websites looking to find a counter to the COD post.

Its kind of silly though to be so desperate somebody looked for bad news to counter the other bad news when the nature of the bad news they found to counter the first bad news is about a very big positve peice of good news(dizzy yet).

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The story is too old to be commented.