The first game you play upside down - Pinball Hall of Fame - The Williams Collection

Every played a game upside down? No? Then try out Pinball Hall of Fame - The Williams Collection for the Nintendo 3DS. One weird concept.

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AlanarWindblade2670d ago

Well it is an authentic pinball feeling. With the paddles and stuff. So kinda cool.

hazelamy2670d ago

but i've never played a pinball machine where i press the flipper buttons with my thumb.
holding it up the right way and pressing the shoulder buttons with your index finger would be much more realistic, and comfortable from the looks of that video.

i know they probably did it that way so the table is shown in 3d, but it just doesn't look like it would feel right.

would it have hurt the game to put the scoreboard at the bottom?

to be honest, unless that way of playing was optional, it would put me off the game.

Nibbler2670d ago

I love pinball, but this one has a dull physic engine. I prefer the pro pinball series or pinball FX.

portablegaming2670d ago

Won't this hurt your fingers???

Streen2670d ago

Could be worse, I guess.
Pinball is just not my cup of tea, nice for the people interested in it though.

STGuy10402670d ago

Looks interesting! I can picture many people having headaches after a few hours of play.

franktheprankreturns2670d ago

Combine that with the headaches from the 3DS effect that is deadly :D

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