Four New Exciting Warhammer 40k Space Marine Trailers

THQ have released four new trailers for the upcoming Space Marine title, covering Weapons, Brothers, the Universe and Enemies.

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BigDan802712d ago

This is looking pretty good, I was worried it'd end up being a bit crap.

I'm guessing it'll be rough around the edges but pretty good fun...

sammykiernan2712d ago

Reckon my geeky husband will be all over this like a rash.

RedGr3mlin2712d ago

Gaaaaah Give Me this game NOW !
I don't care if the game looks like there is no AA at all.

The only reason I need this game is because you can play as the mighty SPACE MARINES !

You ppl that don't know what space marines is all about - download the movie : Warhammer and the games Warhammer.

Space Marines = Ultimate own3dge !