Assassin's Creed gets 9/10 from GameReactor

Gamereactor is apparently the biggest gaming mag in Scandinavia. IGN boards member "towre" has translated the review to English. For original review (Non-english) checkt the alternative source.

From review:
"Plus: Gorgeous graphics, Good controls, Large cities, Lots of Stealth action
Minus: Constantly on the run; Monotonous executions of missions"

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MK_Red4927d ago (Edited 4927d ago )

Glad to hear it has good controls. Still, they could have gone with 10/10 since they have given lots of 10/10s lately.

socomnick4927d ago

Hope you don't take it the wrong way but you want every game to get a 10/10. Don't you feel that maybe reviewers are far to generous in there reviews.

barom4927d ago (Edited 4927d ago )

lmao funny. GameReactor is the biggest magazine in Scandinavia (in Norway at least) but it's also the ONLY magazine.

Oh and btw the translation is pretty good.

MK_Red4927d ago

I know what you mean but games like BioShock, COD4, Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect are beyond every game we had seen before and if old games got 9s, these deserve 10s IMO.

Beren4927d ago

The LE and i can't wait, it seems a really awesome game. Thx for the news :D

jcgamer4927d ago

nice find again bro...this is a must play...

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Skerj4927d ago

Lmao they gave it a negative for being constantly on the run? You're an assassin!! And not 47 where you can wait around and switch disguises.

barom4927d ago

rofl, assassin's don't usually run. assassins are usually not seen (at least not right away).

Marcellus Wallace4927d ago

It can't get all 10's. Just wait for the 8's and 7's to roll in.

MK_Red4927d ago

Just checked their other reviews. 10/10 for Crysis and SMG, 9/10 for Ratchet PS3, 3/10 for Lair!

Hope AC gets better scores from other sites and more importantly sells well enough.

Skerj4927d ago

Crysis got a 10!? That's crazy, it better be good when I get it.

wangdiddy824927d ago

this will be four triple A titles for the ps3 within 1 month..

Ratchet and clank
Assassin's Creed

Than we have next month.. Haze (maybe) and UT3 (for sure triple A)..

Gorgon4926d ago

AAA has to to do with production values, not review scores.

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The story is too old to be commented.