Rock Band Officially Delayed In Canada, Now Dec. 17

MTV Games, which owns Rock Band developer Harmonix, has confirmed to Shacknews that Canadian stores will not receive any version of the musical supergroup simulator until December 17.

Publisher EA previously announced that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 editions would arrive in North America on November 20, with the PlayStation 2 version following on December 17. The November 20 launch of Rock Band in the United States is not affected by this news.

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MunicipalBlack4935d ago

EA is such a pathetic company sometimes it amazes me they're still in business. An entire month and not even a reason for the delay is just pathetic.

TheHater4935d ago

Why are the delaying they game for the Canadians? They are gamers too, and they need the same type of respect we American get

pilotpistolpete4935d ago

If you really want it, can't you just order from somewhere like Probably come out cheaper with the dollar being at like 1.05

harv0524935d ago

Canadians are not allowed to order Electronics from that has changed recently

Layklant4935d ago

Thanks for your comment TheHater. I'm a Canadian and indeed, we want this game too! The bilingual reason is bullshit for me. I will try to get it at eBay now.

harv0524935d ago

Check my comment below for an explanation as to why the bilingual stuff is probably 100% plausible...

Syko4935d ago

Blame the

harv0524935d ago (Edited 4935d ago )

Whoa there...I'm French (and as you will notice, also bilingual) and I'm telling you right now, I'm not to blame for this. If you watch a bit of news from Canada, you might have heard recently that the stupid fu**ing Quebec government adopted a law which requires a game and manual to be in French (a game in Canada usually comes with 2 manuals. One in French, one in English) or it could be banned from their province. This works in conjunction with the 101 law which states that in Quebec, almost all of ANY writing, whether it's on a store sign or governmental papers, has to be in French. So the fu**ing bureaucrats are to blame for this...

Syko4934d ago

LMAO Harv, That's what I meant. Should have said blame the French language and the bureaucrats =)

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