Intel Launches Power-Efficient Penryn Processors

Intel has launched its long-awaited new line of power-efficient microprocessors, code-named Penryn, designed to deliver better graphics and application performance as well as virtualization capabilities.

The processors, manufactured using a 45-nanometer process, feature smaller transistors and cut down on electricity leaks, which makes them faster and more power-efficient than earlier 65-nm processors... The most power-hungry Penryn-based systems will consume no more than 120 watts (W).

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Itachi4925d ago

ok whats happened to amd and there Barcelona quad core and why are intel whooping them in quad core chips

and why has ATI fell off is getting whooped by Nvidia

since the AMD, ATI buyout intel and Nvidia have been laying some serious hurt on them

Xi4925d ago

amd has the better quadcore and ati has still has better drivers.

C_SoL4925d ago

i'm just asking.. someone just give me a straight answer & no stupid remarks..

Bonsai12144925d ago

can't wait to see what apple decides to do with these beauties. i might make my parents buy a new desktop soon.

Godfather, i agree. i used to love AMD chips back in the day when they made the FX series. then they seemed to stop innovating and fell behind to Intel's Core Duo series. and i don't see any benefit from AMD's acquisition of ATI. both have severely slumped after that deal went through.

wasn't there a rumor a while back about AMD trying to make a unified CPU/GPU combo?

GIJeff4925d ago

Has the plans of the combined CPU/GPU on their website (not as much plans as it is a generic power point of what they hope to accomplish in the future). Phenom is comming end of the month, and the new 3870's are due end of the week... From what im seeing on the bench marks, the 3870 falls just short (and sometimes surpasses) the 8800gt. After all, thats what the 8800gt was designed to battle. The thing is, ATI made enough of them so the prices wont be raised because of demand like the 8800gt, keeping the new 3870 under 250 seems possible and very probable, making it the best bang for buck. I want to see what the Phenom delivers in real world testing.

mistertwoturbo4925d ago

i wonder if this is going to be used for the new xbox coming out in 2009-2010?

akaFullMetal4925d ago

well i guess that is good, not really sure what that will do besides make computers more efficent, then would that mean they could put more ram or computing in it then?? its good for power efficienty but is there more to that?? just want to know

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