Men confess to stealing Xbox 360 from gamer battling cancer

In St. Albans, Vermont, three men have pleaded guilty to stealing an Xbox 360 and more than a dozen games from a teen battling cancer.

According to police, the men knew that cancer patient Jeffrey Cota would be away from his home and undergoing surgery in Boston. That's when they made their move, stealing the 360 and games from Cota's bedroom.

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ParaDise_LosT3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )


ahhh, you must be the creation of Shame and stupidity breeding
-1 bubble
and maked as offensive

You sir, make me sick.

MADGameR3995d ago

360's not even worth stealing. If I were him I would've stole a PS3.

Quickstrike3995d ago

lol like that guy that did steal a PS3 from Gamestop a while back. but any way i hope they torture him by making him play every crappy game that has ever been made. like ET, Texas chainsaw masacare, Halloween, Pac-man (the atari 2600 version), make him play through Star Ocean Till the End of Time all the way through (seriously it takes till the end of tiem to beat it.), and every crappy movie/comic book based game ever made including Superman 64.

ddldave3995d ago

wow. this is so low. not even ps3 fanboys would steal a ps3 from a kid who is battling cancer. but this 360 fanboy right here stole one from a kid battling cancer. this is a new low, i hope not all 360 fanboys are like this man. jeeze.

Xi3995d ago

he was probably a ps3 fanboy, just got fed up with waiting.

this is a sad case, don't try to use it as slander.

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MK_Red3995d ago

WTF!? They were sick. They KNEW the poor kid was under surgery and yet went to steal his 360 and games? Sick bastards.

ruibing3995d ago

What is the world coming to when people steal, rob, and make heists on games and gaming consoles? I hope each one of them gets testicular cancer, so they can understand what the poor kid is going through.

Jdash243995d ago

wow.......what horrible ppl, thats just terrible

Danja3995d ago

Low Life's stealing a 360...MEH...

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The story is too old to be commented.