Review: 9/10 for Super Mario Galaxy from GamerTM

GamerTM writes:
"After lavishing Galaxy with praise, you might very well be expecting to see a ten at the bottom of this page and let us tell you, it was a pretty close call. While about as close to a ten out of ten game as we've seen without actually breaking double figures, a few tiny grievances born of simplicity and repetition mean for us, it falls but a nose short. We're sure it'll be a ten in the eyes of many, though – it's a truly magnificent game in so many ways, after all. And even though we haven't been able to bring ourselves to slap a perfect score on it, we've explained just how close we came and that alone should be enough to keep the angry mobs from the door. For now, at least. "

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MK_Red4931d ago

This is a 9.5 to 10 game. 9 is too low and 11 is stupid and wrong(That idiot fanboy magazine gave SMG 11/10!).
GTM also gave 9/10 to COD4 and since they don't have .5s, it's kinda acceptable.(Though gave 10/10 to BioShock which I completely agree with).

ChickeyCantor4931d ago

for F*ck sakes get over it, even i got an 11 out 10 for some test,thnx to bonus points, but did anyone tried to kill me ?
=/ why is it so bothering you? did it damage your sexuality ? what? your innerchild is dead now ? please see a docter if it really is upsetting you !!!


well back to gaming

BrotherNick4931d ago

hehe, I have 59 stars in SMG >.> and I have a 6 page paper to do...It really is a great game lol, it'll keep you there for hours at a time.

MK_Red4931d ago

Can't wait to buy my Wii. I can hardly wait to play SMG and Zack & Wiki.

BrotherNick4931d ago

hehe, I have 13 pieces in Zack & wiki still, I need to get back to that. ANYONE WHO HAS A WII SHOULD BUY IT.

ItsDubC4931d ago

"Game of the year here, folks. Haters am cry."

Beat you to it, Syko =)

ChickeyCantor4931d ago

What or who is maestro???
its suddenly all over tha place

MK_Red4931d ago

Biggest Nintendo/Mario fan around.

ChickeyCantor4931d ago

ah that explains it all XD

TruthbeTold4931d ago

I doubt we'll see Maestro again until after he's done getting all 120 stars on this game.

Syko4931d ago

I wasn't on, thanks for picking up the slack. Haters am cry indeed.

Maestro is hilarious man. One of my favorite cats on this website.

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BrotherNick4931d ago

Be prepared to be busy around 80 hours with both games...

Greysturm4931d ago

For game of the year candidate i am pretty sure its gonna win now regardless of what any other title brings.