Doing more with less

It's a basic tenet of strategy and tactics to rely on things to work when you want them to. If you have a gazillion unit types, this can get difficult.

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Xof3528d ago

Ah, Europa Universalis. Many a good strategy game has been ruined by godawful GUI.

Gotta love an article for praising Shogun 2. Definitely a good game. But I would argue that it's not really doing "more" with less, simply because the basic mechanics of strategy we're left to play with are less than or equal to that of the genre's "mean." Which is to say, it's sorely limited in options. Obviously, there's a LOT lacking in terms of diplomacy and empire-building on the strategy map, but even tactical battles are fairly simple. Would be cool if there were ways to build stuff mid-battle (anti-cavalry spikes, traps, etc), start forest-fires, or bribe enemy generals. Or even random elements like tsunamis, sudden thunderstorms, bandit attacks, etc., etc.

And, of course, obligatory, "Why isn't the AI in strategy (or any other game) better NOW than it was a decade ago?" comment.

Anyway, good read.

banjadude3528d ago

Your second paragraph, I want implemented in future TW games IMMEDIATELY! Especially, if Creative Assembly goes back to the Colonial era, they definitely should give us more options to make use of the environment and build stuff mid-battle!

Xof3528d ago

It was a pretty glaring ommission for Shogun 2, alone. I mean, this is a game set in the same space of time when, in reality, Hashiba built a fortress in the middle of the battle just to make the enemy go, "Oh, shit!" and piss themselves (Ichiya Castle).

Yet in the game, all we can really do is move units.

The Total War series started out as a hugely innovative set of games... but is just stagnant, lately. We've been getting more and more of the same, and less and less of the revolutionary ideas that made the early games such amazing successes.

smilydude133528d ago

After playing Medieval 2: Stainless Steel & Empire for hundreds of hours I find I am seriously wanting more depth to the franchise. The battles have become rather predictable & boring at this point and Creative Assembly doesn't seem to have tried to do anything drastic to rectify it.

I'd like to have the unit cap removed, to be honest. Or at the very least improve upon the Kingdoms reinforcement system. I know 20 units is hard enough to manage by itself but it severely limits the options I have for formations and maneuvers. For instance if I have a high number of peasants I can't use them to compliment my army of Samurai as cannon fodder because they take up valuable unit spots. This leads to the only battles happening being between expensive armies comprised entirely of elite units & lower end units being a waste of money.

I also feel that they need to focus on A.I as you can defeat it by simply setting up spears in front of your bowmen and watch as the army slowly walks into range of your arrows, clashes with spearmen, and is quickly routed. I'd also like to agree that they need to implement battlements in a more dynamic manner.

And that's not even touching the multitude of problems plaguing the campaign. Total War has started to become monotonous & repetitive for me and it is in dire need of some massive innovation & added depth and if they don't do something different in their next installment I don't think I will be purchasing it. What makes this even more vexing is that they refuse to properly support their wonderful modding community that I'm sure would be able to minimize a number of the problems if allowed.