The Top Ten Diseases In Video Game History

JoystickDivision: Many video games create trauma, tension, and danger in their gameplay by employing various diseases in their stories. Some have become iconic over time, building a reputation as being particularly mean or disfiguring. Others have triggered iconic events in the games which they reside. Others still represent entire genres that dominate large portions of the current video game market.

So we're going to pay homage to these various afflictions in a list. Surprisingly, they are prevalent in many legendary franchises, and can be seen limiting a main character, a loved one, an enemy, or peripheral characters along the edges of a main storyline.

But they all profoundly impact the overall outcome of a game, and present considerable challenge to us as players, as well. We hope you enjoy our account of the greatest video game diseases in history.

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jony_dols4693d ago

No love for the 'Manhattan Virus' in Crysis 2?

That was a nasty one!

meetajhu4693d ago

I really hate Malaria in Far Cry 2

Solid_Snake-4693d ago

#1 disease in gaming history has to be the playstation fanboy infection.

once you get it, it makes your brain think that the PS3 is better than the PC and you start roaming the streets searching for "teh cell" to feed your fanboy hunger.

zeal0us4693d ago

even though it wasn't on the list the blacklight virus was pretty nasty in prototype

Pozzle4693d ago (Edited 4693d ago )

Do the mutations from Parasite Eve count? They were pretty creepy - http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Skateboard4693d ago

How bout people being mean to things people own, is that a disease?

ape0074693d ago

where is the MANDRAGORA from sword of berserk on the sega dreamcast......one hell of a game

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New Resident Evil 1996 PEGI rating could point to a classic trilogy release

Capcom has secured a new PEGI age rating for the original 1996 Resident Evil game, leaving many fans to wonder why.

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Vits2d ago

That would be great. I like the idea of remakes in general, but I feel they would be much less polarizing if the original games were easily available on modern hardware. Maybe Capcom doing that will motivate other companies like Konami, Blizzard and whatnot to do the same.

Armyofdarkness2d ago

Love this. The original 2 is the best!!

darthv722d ago

Hmm.... Capcom has become rather chummy with Blaze (Evercade maker) as of late. And rumors have been swirling about the first 3 games coming to Evercade like the first 3 Tomb Raider ones are.


Nightdive would "love to remaster Deus Ex"

Nightdive would "love to remaster" Deus Ex, among a few other games. How can we make this happen.

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Resident Evil Zero and Code Veronica Remakes are reportedly in the works, not Resident Evil 1

Industry insider Dusk Golem reveals that there is no Resident Evil 1 Remake in the works. Instead, Capcom are reportedly in active development of Resident Evil Zero and Code Veronica.

-Foxtrot28d ago

RE Zero would be better to do first over RE1 because they can tie the story into RE1 more.

The original RE Remake was weird because Rebecca never mentioned anything about what happened in Zero and it felt so disjointed because Zero was developed during the Remake and they clearly didn't share any notes with one another.

Cacabunga27d ago

Wise decision. 2 of my favorites!

repsahj26d ago

RE Zero is one of my favorite game on gamecube!

Knightofelemia28d ago

Give me Dino Crisis dammit Capcom

TGG_overlord27d ago

And all it took was +24 years + a phone call from me lol.

GotGame81827d ago

LOL! A phone call from you? ROFL! They have been remaking RE games for YEARS! It was a matter of time!

27d ago