SouthPark's Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld in Rock Band

Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld is the highlight of Rock Band's 13 unlockable bonus tracks.

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MK_Red5564d ago

Holy moly, super awesome news. Timmy! Rock Band looks even more exciting now. Hope SP does a Rock Band episode like the GH one.

Jdash245564d ago

agree 1000% the "YOU ARE [email protected]" made me laugh so hard, and it made me wanna try heroin hero too

solar5564d ago

that it was nowhere near how timmy really sounds. i was all excited to play song at a buddies house until i heard that it wasnt really timmy. :(

ATLRoAcH5564d ago (Edited 5564d ago )


(edit)That sucks on ice.Timmy is the only one who should sing that.

cr33ping_death5564d ago

damn i had a big @ss smile on my face until i heard the singer......damn it that is horrible......timmy singing awsome, guy trying to be timmy is horrible.