The Top 7... Mario spin-offs

When it comes to running and jumping, Mario is the undisputed King of Hop. Every five years or so Nintendo gets around to releasing a new platformer, and each and every one is something special. Super Mario Galaxy is the latest in a long, long line of ultra-successful entries, but how does the plumber fare when he's taken out of his hop-n-bop element?

Surprisingly well, actually. Despite the choking amount of Mario-related products, many of them are quite good and deserve to be elevated above the rest. Which, as you may have guessed by now, is precisely what GamesRadar is doing this week - counting down the seven best Mario spin-offs. None of the main games are eligible, nor are their numbered sequels (sorry, Yoshi's Island). These have to be true spin-offs, separate from the platformers. Entries also had to be post-Super Mario Bros. - otherwise it would all lead back to Donkey Kong.

Fair warning, Mario Party fans - that dreadful series is nowhere to be found.

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freakyzeeky4931d ago

One of the best things to grace the SNES back in the day... I didn't know people could actually make 'great' compositions in that music generator. :P

Marceles4931d ago


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I can't wait!


I agree with everything on the list, even the rankings. Some guys on YouTube are amazing on Mario Paint. I almost want to see if it works on my SNES emulator, I never tried.

Kyrue4931d ago

I'm surprised that they didn't include Smash Bros. It has a cult-like following lol. I just bought my copy a few days ago to get ready for brawl.

Perch4931d ago

Hm it's not really a Mario spinoff, more like an entire nintendo spinoff. yeah it's called smash BROS but the doesn't hinge on mario, it hinges on Nintendo. Dunno, that could go either way maybe.

snoop_dizzle4931d ago

alot of these things bring up alot of memories of my childhood.