Who broke my Retro?

With so many retro titles popping up on Xbox Live Marketplace, Sarcastic Gamer opines about a vast treasure trove of games that are being left out of this retro trend, and suggests a new direction for retro gaming.

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Caxtus7504933d ago

yeah I agree. If i get another "Contra" I shall scream!

JSA-Gamer4933d ago

THERE'S a retro game I would pay for. Without hesitation! I miss Rampart.

bym051d4933d ago

Rampart is available on the PSN.

bym051d4933d ago

I would love to see Yars Revenge. That was one of my favorite 2600 games back in the day.

hotrider124932d ago

ooooooo! I would love to play another contra anything. to bad konami only making the newest one for d s only "contra 4" shooot!!!!
wish they would make one for ps2 or ps3 console and gradius and r-type shooter and gun star hero