CNN Enters the Virtual World of Second Life

CNN has opened a virtual reporting hub in the world of Second Life. Below is from their report.

"So, what exactly is news in a virtual world?

CNN aims to find out by opening an I-Report hub in Second Life, a three-dimensional virtual world created entirely by its residents.

There, CNN will look to those most familiar with the virtual world -- the Second Life residents themselves -- to determine what constitutes news "in-world."

Developer Linden Labs opened Second Life to the public in 2003. According to its Web site, Second Life is inhabited by millions of "residents" from around the globe. However, traffic at any given time hovers around 40,000 users.

Just as CNN asks its real-life audience to submit I-Reports -- user-generated content submitted from cell phones, computers, cameras and other equipment for broadcast and online reports -- the network is encouraging residents of Second Life to share their own "SL I-Reports" about events occurring within the virtual world."

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bym051d4931d ago

Why does Second Life get so much press? Aren't Lineage and WoW still more popular?